ProFootballTalk: Raiders create QB controversy

Carson Palmer is on the verge of being traded to the Cardinals, but is there a better way for Arizona to go about acquiring the QB? Matt Flynn is the new guy in Oakland, but he may not be on the fast track to the starting gig.

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Raiders create QB controversy

  1. Mike, I think you make some valid points here, but no way do the raiders take geno smith at #3…It either a DT, or OT with a remote chance of Warmack or Milliner

  2. He is being traded because if he doesn’t accept the pay cut and trade, he will not be release until the day before Day 1 and the Raiders will not have to pay him anything. If he wants out, then he needs to play nice or otherwise lose out on training camp, which will cause him not to get a starting job and limit his ability to get on a team as a back-up. Teams will move on with out him.

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