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Why isn’t Palmer simply forcing his release?

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Last week, the man who quit on the Bengals was poised to force the Raiders to fire him.  So why is quarterback Carson Palmer suddenly willing to reduce his contract to facilitate a trade to the Cardinals?

With the Raiders adding Matt Flynn and his increased $6.5 million cap number for 2013, the Raiders have even less reason to carry Palmer’s $13 million salary.  And with offseason workouts opening in two weeks, the Raiders won’t want to risk owing Palmer the full amount of his base pay if he pops an Achilles tendon or suffers some other long-term injury.

If Palmer wants to play for the Cardinals, he needs to simply hold firm, get cut, and then sign with Arizona as a free agent.  That way, the Cardinals wouldn’t have to give up a late-round draft pick who potentially could become an impact player.  It also would give Palmer a chance to maximize his market by luring other teams to the table.

It could be that Palmer wants to finagle his exit with minimal awkwardness or confrontation.  To get the Raiders to cut him, for example, he’d have to show up for offseason workouts — and risk that the Raiders would call his bluff and hold his rights through June.  In theory, the game of chess/chicken could continue into training camp and the preseason, with Palmer still on the roster but the Raiders keeping him on ice, like the Packers had planned to do with the suddenly unretired Brett Favre in 2008, before they traded him to the Jets.

Palmer apparently wants what he wants without having to get his hands dirty.  Which means that he’s willing to take a trade in lieu of forcing a stare down with the Raiders — assuming Palmer can work out a reduced contract with a Cardinals team that has to be wondering why Palmer simply won’t hold firm until the Raiders cut him.

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40 Responses to “Why isn’t Palmer simply forcing his release?”
  1. therealraider says: Apr 1, 2013 11:10 PM

    He knows Big Reg will ride him out.. the Raiders can cut him 1 hour before kickoff and its the same as cutting him today. Nobody will sign him that “late in the game”. He knows he needs to accept a trade or else itll cost him.

  2. livepredictor says: Apr 1, 2013 11:14 PM

    This will be Stanton’s team this season.

  3. raiderapologist says: Apr 1, 2013 11:15 PM

    Did you not see the #3 on that jersey? Palmer is a lottery winner, looking for one more payout. He has two in the bank and just needs one more. Arizona is a puddle jump from SoCal, and Carson keeps a private jet.

  4. rajbais says: Apr 1, 2013 11:19 PM

    He doesn’t deserve his release!

    If he wants to be a backup to a contender, although that might be speculative, he’s actually more of a quitter because real winners want literally help teams win!

    Do you really help a team when you hold a clipboard???

    Worst of all he’s disrespecting what seems to be a good, fun dude in Bruce Arians. What QB wouldn’t want to play for him???

  5. rmavs says: Apr 1, 2013 11:19 PM

    Because he’s a shadow of the quarterback he used to be, perhaps…

  6. thegreatgabbert says: Apr 1, 2013 11:19 PM

    He wants to stay out west, obviously, and the Cardinals are probably his best bet in that regard. Being willing to work out a compromise which does minimizes the damage to all parties involved isn’t a negative thing. It’s logic.

  7. gotampabay52 says: Apr 1, 2013 11:20 PM

    He wants Tampa as his choice of teams. VJak and Martin solid offence he can sit back and watch and if Freeman sucks the we got palmer and following yr spend a one with palmer for that yr so sign palmer for two yrs cant hurt even if Freeman comes to be great

  8. trinityeagle says: Apr 1, 2013 11:23 PM

    I think that it is more likely that Palmer will receive a higher reduced salary from the Cardinals if they trade for him than he would receive as a free agent.

    Palmer knows that the market for 33 year old quarterbacks with several down seasons aren’t stellar and would rather get paid for sure, than risk not getting as good of a deal from Arizona on the open market.

  9. hanspard says: Apr 1, 2013 11:24 PM

    I wouldn’t put it past the new Oakland regime to put the screws to him. You’ll notice Rolando McClain is still on the roster. Gotta let these guys know you aren’t gonna be their bitch.

  10. thestrategyexpert says: Apr 1, 2013 11:26 PM

    He is being patient and playing out an option card that is both exclusive and that comes first to his other options to negotiate a deal. It is possible depending on how the chips fall that this option could result in his personal best individual result depending on what his motivations are. It’s in his best interest to see that option out to confirm if whether or not that is the case before the next turn of a card and new game scenario emerges.

  11. terryleather says: Apr 1, 2013 11:27 PM

    This is the same moron that spouted off about how Chris Henry had turned a corner and was as good as Randy Moss about two weeks before he hopped on a truck.

  12. offthelows says: Apr 1, 2013 11:29 PM

    Knowing he’s in line to go down as one of the 5 worst trades in NFL history, he might be trying to mitigate that a bit and do the Raiders a solid.

  13. thejrod2006 says: Apr 1, 2013 11:30 PM

    One does not simply force his release…..

  14. murfdeezy says: Apr 1, 2013 11:34 PM

    Palmer isn’t winning any friends in Oakland, or Cincy…or anywhere else that people pay attention to the NFL, that’s why. Desperate or not, no GM or coach wants to scrape up a cancer at the QB position….especially a guy that said he would rather be a back up for a contender than start for another team. You want your QB to be your team leader. What team wants a guy that will cry, lay down on you when things go south….and beg to be traded to a team that is already poised to win without him so he can ride the bench and get a free ring to artificially inflate his overrated career even more. He is now officially a total loser in my mind. He has no heart and no pride.

    I don’t care if he leaves or not, but if he is not willing to restructure for a trade….I would hold onto him until the last second and wait for all other teams to move on. Then when we cut him there will be very limited interested parties….especially after he continues to make and arse of himself for the next several months…and they have already filled the roster. At that point even if a desperate team is willing to sign his cancerous arse….it will only be for pennies on the dollar and a short term deal. It sure as hell won’t be for 8 or 10 million dollars a year. So go ahead and play hard ball Carson. Let’s see where that lands you. To be honest…I’m kind of curious myself. BTW….Oakland was 5th in the league in sacks allowed with 27 last year. The only playoff team that was better was Denver….and we improved this offseason…even if it was just a little. We will be better than you think next year. On the other hand…Arizona gave up 58….ranking them dead last in the NFL at keeping the QB off his back. Careful what you wish for moron. Enjoy Arizona….a season there should abruptly finish off whatever you THINK you have left in the tank. Peace out loser!!!

  15. autumnwind999 says: Apr 1, 2013 11:39 PM

    Palmer is a class act. If McKenzie didn’t botch everything by firing Hue Jackson the season would’ve gone much better and people would’ve realized how well Carson played.

    2012 Raiders:
    – 28th scoring defense
    – 28th rushing offense
    – 8th passing offense

    Palmer was one of the few things we had going for us.

  16. 4superbowls says: Apr 1, 2013 11:40 PM

    Does anybody really care?

  17. zoltan378 says: Apr 1, 2013 11:56 PM

    Carson Palmer is not good at football.

  18. nomoreseasontix says: Apr 2, 2013 12:01 AM

    I want to see Reggie lock him out of the facility like they did to McNair.
    That would be amusing

  19. whodey1218 says: Apr 2, 2013 12:06 AM

    @ terryleather says:
    I’m so glad when palmers name comes out it hasn’t nothing to with the bengals but if Palmer said #15 (Chris Henry) was like randy moss then Palmer got 1 thing right. Henry was gonna be great it’s sad that such unfortunate consequences cost him his career. Rip #15

  20. Baggabonez says: Apr 2, 2013 12:08 AM

    Chronically passive aggressive leader who never bad mouths anyone and doesn’t get in guys faces. More of a nurturer.

    If Palmer wants to get in camp on time and get his family settled and not suffer the same rocky transition he had in Oakland then Palmer best allow the Raiders to salvage some ROI.

  21. blacknole08 says: Apr 2, 2013 12:14 AM

    Reg won’t simply cut him without at least getting some sort of compensation. He could simply keep him on the roster like Mike Brown did in Cincy based on principle.

    His only way out is via trade.

  22. raideralex99 says: Apr 2, 2013 12:27 AM

    What exactly Palmer is doing that is wrong???
    He helped the team last year by re-do his contract and now Reggie whats him out and is refusing to pay him and its Palmer’s fault??
    You guys need to give your head a shake … Palmer is not quitting on the Raiders … it’s the Raiders quitting on Palmer.
    Some of you think Reggie is god but really… he is a terrible GM. He is throwing in the towel before the season starts and is telling the raidernation it’s a five year plan … gimme a break … that’s BS.

    Did Ozzie throw in the towel because of salary cap issues and losing players … no he was able to replace players with decent players and keep the Ravens cometitive … that’s what a good GM does.

  23. flipola says: Apr 2, 2013 12:38 AM

    Oakland is probably going to trade him on draft day, wanting a bidding war of sorts, for teams that missed out on Geno.

  24. granadafan says: Apr 2, 2013 12:42 AM

    Trade him to the most miserable franchise in one of the the most miserable cities in the country: Buffalo or Oakland (oh wait…)

  25. radrntn says: Apr 2, 2013 12:57 AM

    maybe, just maybe because he would never sign with the cardinals. (pretty obvious)

  26. cpanthers1 says: Apr 2, 2013 1:03 AM

    I can think of $13 million reason why Palmer hasn’t ask for his release.

  27. mwindle1973 says: Apr 2, 2013 1:54 AM

    Some things are never meant to be known. Why did he do what he did in Cincy? History (Ocho Cinco being the most recent before Palmer) told us that Mike Brown does not allow players to dictate their trade out of town or release. But he created that whole mess anyway. The only thing we will know for sure is that Palmer will never explain his actions after he does curious things like this.

  28. titanmanic says: Apr 2, 2013 2:14 AM

    Palmer has never been the same since thay injury vs pitt. Wayover paid loser!

  29. toddm1016 says: Apr 2, 2013 6:28 AM

    Raiders are in a position of power. They deal him to Arizona and get a draft choice in return. If they release him and designate him a June cut, they save over $13 million on the salary cap. Palmer can posture all he wants, although I suspect a deal with Arizona will be done Tuesday.

  30. trun0rth says: Apr 2, 2013 6:51 AM

    Good comments so far, I would add that negotiating down from his $13M contract and the $10M the Raiders were supposedly willing to pay him nets him way more dough than pitting The Arizona QB derby against the Bucs backup spot.

  31. voyager6 says: Apr 2, 2013 7:13 AM

    “May the force be with you, You oh so Chronic Quitter!”

  32. bigdaddybullwhip says: Apr 2, 2013 7:47 AM

    Palmer’s a poor excuse for a man. Commitment, loyalty and perseverance are traits of a good quarterback and a man.

  33. justafanofitall says: Apr 2, 2013 7:59 AM

    Who in their right mind would want Palmer. He hasn’t show anything close to being a QB. Great for Raiders if someone else wants him.

  34. SilentMajority says: Apr 2, 2013 8:03 AM

    It’s a different situation with a different team, that’s why he isn’t forcing his release. Whatever hostilities were between the Bengals and Palmer probably don’t exist between the Raiders and him.

  35. doclolly says: Apr 2, 2013 9:05 AM

    Why palmer isn’t forcing his way out?? This guy has mentally checked out of the game since he quit on Cincy a few years ago and now its all about the $$. He doesn’t care about winning or where he plays as long as he gets that 13 million, if the raiders were going to pay him the money he would have stayed in oakland, but they don’t so to him it’s their problem. He could just sit back because as we all know he already got his money in the bank.

    Plus if he forces his way out he’s not gonna make anything close to 13 million

  36. mtdwest816 says: Apr 2, 2013 9:06 AM

    The fact that Carson Palmer is doing this to another organization disgusts me. I hope he realizes that he looks like a complete loser and idiot. Hope he continues to ruin his name with some other franchise.

  37. bengalswhodey says: Apr 2, 2013 9:08 AM

    I agree with Autumnwind. I am a Bengals fan and didn’t blame him one bit for trying to get out of the train wreck that was happening here at that time. And I continued to root for him in Oakland, and if you watched any of those games, you would realize he was the only bright spot on that team. His numbers are more than solid and he had absolutely no help at all. He definitely isn’t what he used to be, but he is a hell of alot better than everyone is giving him credit for.

  38. chadwellheathkeith says: Apr 2, 2013 9:11 AM

    It seems that the terms commitment and loyalty only get applied one way. Teams shaft players all the time, forcing them to take a reduction from what was agreed in their contract, but that’s okay because “they’ve got cap problems” or “it’s a business”.

    When a player treats it as a business, everyone throws their hands up in horror. How dare these dumb jocks put anything above commitment and loyalty to the team! The team owned by a person whose number one motivation is the accumulation of more wealth.

  39. ijahru says: Apr 2, 2013 11:14 AM

    He forced his way out when he refused to renegotiate his contract

  40. johnnyb1976 says: Apr 2, 2013 12:18 PM

    Mike Brown is still laughing

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