Lawsuits filed by Seau family consolidated into concussion case

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Wrongful-death lawsuits filed by the children and the parents of the late Junior Seau have been consolidated into the master suit of concussion litigation the NFL and other defendants face in federal court in Pennsylvania, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Both Seau’s children and parents filed suit earlier this year in California.

In January, ABC and ESPN reported that a study of Seau’s brain by researchers at the National Institutes of Health suggested the late NFL star had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain condition linked to head trauma over a series of time.

Both sides in the concussion litigation have a hearing on April 8, the AP reported, with the plaintiffs hoping to keep the case in federal court.

Seau took his own life last May. He was 43.

18 responses to “Lawsuits filed by Seau family consolidated into concussion case

  1. This whole situation is sad but its starting to become like the people who tried to sue McDonalds for getting them fat from eating too many French fries, especially when the players complain about rule changes to try to protect them. What do the players think is going to happen when they launch their bodies head first like a tomahawk missile.

  2. The court(s) should dismiss the lawsuits. The money grab is obvious. The players (and their representatives) should not be rewarded for false claims and the shirking of their own responsibility or accountability. They knew the risks (at least in general) and have had representation on rule changes, safety studies, financial decisions and other matters. The NFLPA has been the voice of the players for decades. They constantly oppose safety and any/all change unless they can gain some sort of concession. the players have been the greatest hindrance to safety, yet they are not part of the lawsuit. Neither is any other level of competition where the players could have developed the conditions they are complaining about. The only condition that these players share is that they do not have as much money as they believe they are entitled to. It’s disgusting.

  3. Perhaps the brain trauma was caused when his SUV plunged down a 100-foot cliff hours after he had been arrested for domestic violence.

  4. It a shame that Junior Seau decided on his own accord to play professional football 20 years. No one forced him to do so. He did so under his own free will.
    Case closed.
    Next case …

  5. Seau knew what he was getting into.
    this is football and you might bump
    your head but you will be very rich.
    I have bumped my head but Im NOT rich.

  6. Seau’s family will call Lennay Kakua as a witness. She will claim that Jr. doesn’t remember her after their intense relationship.

  7. If you were so concerned about your sons health and safety why sue after he’s dead ? If as parents you couldn’t see the signs of his Demise than you should sue yourself and not the business that made your son and your family rich

  8. Seau was a self centered, selfish turd, who thought way too much of himself and couldn’t care less about his two little kids.

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, disgusting.

  9. How many players are in this suit now? I still don’t understand how they have a leg to stand on. The players knew the sport was dangerous, and were paid millions. But because they didn’t save any of their money they’re going to sue that “they didn’t know”? Please.

    I drive a race car during the summer. I know its dangerous. But this stupid lawsuit sets a precedent. If, God forbid, I roll my car and am in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, I can sue the NHRA and say “I didn’t know”. Only in America.

  10. I wonder if they have any money left after paying off all of Juniors gambling debts he occured in the last years of his life. Seems the Vegas casinos were coming that week to take his house on the beach as a partial payment for the 15 million he owed them. Maybe the family can blame his gambling addiction on that as well. I liked Junior as a player and he was a great person to the San Diego/Oceanside area, but he had his demons, like a lot of other people do.

  11. this is hilarious. you pay us millions of dollars a year to play a sport we love. yes we know there is risk of injury. but why didn’t you inform us of the long term risks? if I had of know that I would have problems in life later I would have taken a desk job. Said no NFL Player ever.

  12. NFL players & football players in general KNOW the inherent risks that come with playing their game. They know damn well what the odds are. I guarantee that every single player would STILL sign on the dotted line if faced with the following contract prior to entering the league… “by signing here, you acknowledge the risks associated with playing in the NFL and we cannot be held responsible for any injuries or medical issues you suffer from during or after your NFL career. Keep in mind you have a 2nd option, which is to walk away now!”

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