Ravens cut Brendon Ayanbadejo

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Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo won’t be part of the title defense effort in Baltimore.

A league source informed PFT a short time ago that the Ravens have released Ayanbadejo. The team hasn’t announced the news yet, but Ayanbadejo has taken to Twitter to say goodbye to both the organization and the city of Baltimore to confirm that he’ll be looking for employment elsewhere in 2013.

“I would like to thank the city of Baltimore and the Ravens organization for an amazing ride,” Ayanbadejo wrote. “We will forever be united as champions!”

The move saves the Ravens about $800,000 under the cap and continues an offseason of change in Baltimore. Ayanbadejo didn’t play a major role on defense as much of his work came on special teams, but it’s another veteran that will be moving down the road shortly after the team’s triumph in New Orleans.

Ayanbadejo, who will be honored along with Vikings punter Chris Kluwe for their pro-gay marriage activism at a Straight for Equality event on Thursday night in New York, turns 37 in September. That may limit his suitors if teams decide to opt for younger plays to round out their rosters as the offseason rolls along.

33 responses to “Ravens cut Brendon Ayanbadejo

  1. Seems like they are getting rid of players who spoke their minds. Bet Suggs won’t be a Raven in 2015 the latest. This is the NFL, not for long…

  2. Don’t be surprised to see the Bears (who he was successful on special teams) or the Chiefs (who have Dave Toub, ST coordinator when he was with Chicago) try and sign him to a deal.

  3. The simplest answer is usually the right answer. He was old and/or slow, everyone else they’ve cut was old, or in Pollard’s case, couldn’t cover a soul on a pass.

  4. Ayanbadejo was a credit to the organization. And a valued player…until last year when his play noticeably diminished. He’s 37 years old. I was surprised he wasn’t already cut!

  5. The roster turnover on this Super Bowl team has been amazing. Can’t ever remember a SB champion shedding this many players so quickly.

  6. He was a great special teamer, but his age/diminishing speed made his cut a necessity.

    Sad to him go though, I was proud to have such an outspoken Raven standing up for my equal rights. Great man!

  7. Ozzie is simply setting up another move. The greatest GM in the league is working, please everyone, remain quiet and watch the magic unfold

  8. I’m sure BA will get a lot of hate, and it looks like the thumbs down have already begun. He was a very good special teams player, a solid backup linebacker and very classy off the field.

    Shame he get’s so much hate for standing up for equal rights, but regardless of your stance on the whole same sex marriage debate he was still a classy person.

  9. He was an outstanding ST player and good backup LB, for a long time… but he was becoming a liability on ST towards the end and missed tackles on both Denver TD returns and a number of other key plays. Thus this move wasn’t a loss, but a necessary step at this point.

    BA, Thanks for the contributions and all the best.

  10. The Ravens had to clear some money to pay the FedEx bill so they can mail rings to half of last years team.

  11. Thank god. Listening to him talk politics was a headache and his performance was poor last year especially in the Denver playoff game

  12. I was irritated when the Bears let him go. Great special team player.

    I would guess he’ll be on MSNBC or Current TV soon. That’s not a rip but a fit for his views.

    I wish him the best.

  13. easily. ravens are a class team from ownership to front office to coaching staff to players. they are one of the model franchises in the nfl. ravens do it the right way.

  14. Was wondering how long he’d last after his pro-gay marriage thoughts came to light? Not that the Ravens org has a different opinion, but he put himself before the “team” in bringing his thoughts to the public.
    Ravens are all about team first!

  15. Another Raven at the end of his career, like Reed. Missed key tackles in Denver playoff game, too slow……

  16. Wouldn’t even be news worthy if he wasn’t so active and visible in off field issues. But he was a Raven and is a smart, responsible, social leader so good luck Brendon. The NFL could use more like you. Honestly I didn’t know until now he was 37 years old. That explains this move. Not too hard to find a ST player and backup LB with 12 picks this year! Go Ravens!

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