Seahawks bring back Josh Portis


With Matt Flynn traded to the Raiders, the Seahawks need a quarterback to back up Russell Wilson.

They’ve found one in Josh Portis.

The team originally signed Portis as an undrafted rookie out of California (Pa.) University in 2011.  Portis was on the active roster that year, and he was relegated to the practice squad for most of 2012.  Eventually, he was cut from the practice squad.

Portis is now the second quarterback on the roster.  The team presumably will add one or two more before the launch of Organized Team Activities and, later in the year, training camp.  Names that have been mentioned as possible additions include Matt Leinart and Vince Young.

24 responses to “Seahawks bring back Josh Portis

  1. Portis looked good in pre season games and even though he isn’t a big name QB, he is a good teammate, competent in the Seahawk scheme and I am glad he is back. He will likely be the number 3 QB.

  2. Simply a practice squad addition only, and body for camp. They will sign a vet, and draft another.

    The team officially came out saying V Young is not a candidate, so why even say that Florio, you know this! Just stirring up the pot ehh homie.

    Que the Hawks haters, all it takes is the name and their will be a stupid amount of hits.

  3. I sincerely doubt that Portis, will be the final answer for Pete’s QB, to back up Wilson for the year. I also don’t believe that with Carroll’s strong emphasis on competition at every position that he would be content with, Vince Young. If I’m wrong on the latter and they did sign him, Young would be made to quickly realize that his days of lackadaisical preparation are over. Portis would then no doubt fill the role of “sparring partner” for Young, in a contest to determine Wilson’s backup.

  4. Vince Young will not be coming to Seattle. The deal would already be done. VY is a locker room cancer. Pete Carroll will not screw up DangeRuss with Young’s immature approach to to game preparation.

  5. Why does anyone think Portis could a 3rd qb? Hawks didn’t carry 3 qbs last year. Personally makes me nervous as hell to only have 2 qbs on the roster but i don’t see that changing.

  6. I cross my fingers every time he gets exposed to the waiver wire, stupefied some other team hasn’t snatched him up as a project.

    He’s not ready to be a #2 QB yet, however.

  7. We’re reading about a backup QB on a second-tier team that stumbles and bumbles their way to a heart-breaking loss in the playoffs ever could of decades before sinking back into perpetual mediocrity?

    Slow news day?

    Although considering their starting QB is built like a young Kristy McNichol…I suppose they should worry about who the backup is.

  8. Love this guy, As a HS senior in 2005, Who were the two highest rated QB’s coming out of California… Mark Sanchez and this guy. He did not have the smoothest ride in college and made poor decisions at UF and Maryland. But Carroll has a relationship with him dating back to 2003.

  9. I’m expecting Seahawks to draft Qb in the mid to later rounds. Portis might be able to have limited success do to the talent around him like Seneca Wallace did during his stay with Seahawks , but PC would have started him over TJack when he was a rookie if he was truely special. If he was special we wouldn’t be seeing teams stick with QB’s that have proven to suck or QB that got knocked out of the league.

  10. Say what you want dude, but we are now the bully on the playground. We’re gonna slap you silly, push you around, take your lunch money and give you a wedgie you’ll never live down. And you won’t be able to do a thing about it.

    Not a thing.

  11. Lostok calls the Seahawks a second-tier team. Bumbling their way to the playoffs. They finished the year by winning 5 games in a row!!!!!!!They beat the Niners by 29 points on Sunday Night Football. They dominated opponents down the stretch. How is that bumbling to the playoffs? They added Harvin, Avril, and Bennett, and we still have the draft. Lostok my friend, you are crazy!

  12. Many Seahawk fans love Josh Portis but my opinion is much different from what I watched in preseason. He looked really uncomfortable in the pocket, the first sign of pressure he was scrambling (I admit the o-line has struggled in pass protection starting the last 3 seasons). He has a strong arm but not highly accurate. Like a much faster Tavaris Jackson if I could compare his play to anyone. I know he works hard and a good guy but I would hope they bring in a solid number two.

  13. Another wise move by the Dynamic Duo of Schneider and Carroll. Portis may not be ready to start, but he’s been involved in this whole rebuilding process up until last season, so comes back way more prepared than a rookie or vet who are unfamiliar with the Seattle system.

    Odds are, this is a sign we’re returning to a 3-QB depth, with Josh being back-up to ‘the’ backup, someone they’ve got their eye on for the draft, most likely. Not seeing any FA vets at the moment who’d be the right fit.

  14. Bring in Vince Young … He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the SuperBowl… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… He’s a wise choice for the smart Team Owner/GM….

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