Nix convinced Jackson he’d have chance to compete


Tarvaris Jackson had an awful experience in Buffalo last year, but said that a conversation with general manager Buddy Nix convinced him he’d get something this year he didn’t get last year — a chance.

Jackson was stuck behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyler Thigpen last year, and just saw the Bills go get Kevin Kolb this year amid widespread assumptions they’ll draft one as well.

But he still feels more confident.

“Before I left I had been talking to Buddy Nix and that was really one of the main reasons why I came back,” Jackson told Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “Just talking to him it seemed they really wanted me to come back. That was No. 1 on my list. It was a no-brainer. . . .

“It was just talking about how things played out and it’ll be a little different this year. I’ll get a chance to compete, so that’s all you can ask for.”

Jackson said even with the coaching change, he feels more familiar with Buffalo now, after being traded last year during the preseason.

And even though there might not be a spot for both the veteran quarterbacks on the Bills roster, Jackson at least feels like he has an honest opportunity to win a job.

20 responses to “Nix convinced Jackson he’d have chance to compete

  1. I just don’t see Jackson getting the starting job, never less the back-up spot. Now that Kolb is there, it kind of already pushed TJ farther back. When the Bills draft a Rookie QB, he’ll even fall farther back on the depth chart. When Marrone realizes that Brad Smith can handle the 3rd string back-up duties and also put work in at WR, Jackson will then be cut. I feel bad for him, because he deserves more than back-up duty, but I guess that is the nature of the game.

  2. When TJax came to Seattle two years ago I was not much of a believer in his abilities. What I saw over that year was an extremely tough, versatile, leader, that for what ever reason couldn’t quite get it done in the clutch. He was much better when we went no huddle, and slimmed the playbook down. I can’t help but think the guy could still be fairly effective in the right system. Much better football player then many think.

  3. Couldn’t win the job in Minnesota. Couldn’t win the job in Seattle. Buffalo will probably be different especially when they draft a QB in the first or second round.

  4. Not sure what it means when players say at least they are going to get a chance to compete? The teams have film, practice and off field performances to see all the time. Then, they have pre season games to assess what they have for QB and other positions. Based on what they have and the system they have, the choices are made. After all that, does anyone really think a head coach isn’t going to play the person who can best give them a chance to win? The Head Coach’s job is on the line as well.

    I hope he can pull this off, but the reality is that TJack would have been starting last year if he was the best QB in the eyes of the Coach. He will start this year if that occurs as well. My guess is that he is the back-up, at best.

  5. Poor Tavaris….always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Oh wait….Chilly left him at the alter!

    Honestly though, there are only so many chances in the NFL. At least they guy stays humble, works hard and keeps looking for opportunity to earn it.

  6. Welcome to the world of being a mediocre QB. Not good enough to command a starting job. Good enough to be more than just a backup.

  7. Seriously … every player who signs a contract is given the chance to compete. If you can’t beat the player in front of you … why are you crying about it?
    I dont hear any crying from Brady Quinn, David Carr, Matt Leinart, Rex Grossman and all those other 3 rd string QBs who are not good enought to start.
    The only complaining I hear are Vince Young … McNabb … Travis ……. hmmmmmmmmm.

  8. If Tavaris can just come to accept that his role in the league is as a backup QB, he’ll be more at peace and realize he can have a long and lucrative career holding the clipboard and stepping in. Backup QB is the best and safest job in the league.

  9. Looks like he’ll be competing with Ryan Nassib, Kevin Kolb and Jamarcus Russell for spot.

  10. @bouchez9393
    Actually having a QB does matter. It kind of means a lot!! With the running game the Bills have I’m pretty sure a good QB would make them a much more competitive team. I just don’t see any of the guys on the roster being the answer.

  11. Said before and I’ll say it again, TJax “could” be the answer in Buffalo. Kolb wasn’t the answer in Philly. He wasn’t the answer in AZ. So now he’s suddenly the answer? In our game in Toronto, last season I fully expected to see TJax by the second half. Instead, Gailey left Fitz in, to do in the second half, what he’d done in the first.


  12. Man growing up in upstate ny and having to watch all bills games every week until the ticket came about I have to say. Bills fans are the most loyal fans in the nfl. They deserve better than what the org has given them the past 18 years

  13. Nix convinced Jackson he’d have chance to compete??

    The Nixster could sell Snow-cones to Eskimos.

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