No medical re-check needed for Star Lotulelei


The NFL is apparently satisfied with the recent reports about the health of Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei.

According to the NFL Network’s Gil Brandt, Lotulelei will not be required to go in for a medical re-check. When players don’t complete or pass their physicals at the Combine (as Lotulelei didn’t), they’re often called back to complete one later, but if they’re not asking him to, the concern over his heart condition must not be great.

That’s an extension of the good news the team doctor at Utah was giving out the other day, which was distributed to all 32 teams. That report pointed to a short-term issue such as a virus instead of a problem with the heart itself.

If he’s cleared medically (and teams will likely still want to take their own looks), he’s a top half of the first round player, who Brandt said was now in his top 14 players, with eight visits scheduled.

That’s where the defensive tackle-needy Panthers are picking, and that might be the floor for Lotulelei, though the ceiling is likely higher.