Matt Schaub: Texans “definitely” Super Bowl contenders

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Just after his team lost in the Divisional Round for the second straight season, quarterback Matt Schaub said he “absolutely” felt he could take the Texans to the Super Bowl.

That was before the start of free agency, but the moves made by the Texans haven’t done anything to change Schaub’s mind. While he lamented the loss of players who signed elsewhere in free agency, Schaub thinks the additions made in response have left the team as a Super Bowl contender in the 2013 season.

“We still have a ton of talent,” Schaub said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “We play at a very high level. I definitely think we are.”

Winning two division titles and two playoff games have raised the expectations in Houston and Schaub will be a big factor in whether or not the team reaches them. He didn’t play well down the stretch last season, leading to some preemptive shows of support from the team in the wake of the loss to the Patriots. Teams that make it to the Super Bowl tend to have quarterbacks playing at the highest level, something the Texans did not enjoy last season.

Schaub’s pretty clear about the rest of the Texans roster being capable of a Super Bowl run. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell where fingers will be pointed if it doesn’t happen.

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  1. idkk. I think schuab can do it. the right side of the oline was pretty banged up last year. As was mlb. I’m more worried about play makers not named foster or myself. texans draft should involve a mlb an wr in the 1st two rounds. id love to see two with their two 3rd round picks but ehh. we will see what happens

  2. Actions speak louder than words. 2013 should be the last season in Houston for Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak if they lose in the divisional round again.
    Schaub and Kubiak have maxed out in Houston.

  3. It’s not just Schuab; that team seems to struggle here and there. Until they win a big game in the playoffs they are just a playoff team and not a SB contender. However, they do have contender talent and if they put it together in the playoffs they would be trouble.

  4. Texans: championship caliber Defense, Pop Warner caliber special teams, Divisional Round caliber offense. Andre needs help. Matt isn’t Joe Flacco; he isn’t going to will his team to victory on his arm and deep ball.

  5. Matt Schaub is the best QB in Texans history which is not saying much when you realize he is competing against David Carr, John David Booty, Sage Rosenfals and Dan Orlovsky.
    Hey Matt, do not talk about it, be about it. The Super Bowl that is. Quarterbacks with 1 playoff win in a decade should shut their mouth and work on their skill level.
    Honestly, he and Kubiak maxed out in Houston two years ago and they need to leave H-town.

  6. I live in H-town. The Texans CAN win it all.
    They have to get a deep threat WR to complement AJ#80 though,because he’s getting long in the tooth and he isn’t the same all-universe WR he used to be. He’s still better than 97% of the WRs out there,but without help on the other side he’s neutralizable. Also,Schaub HAS to elevate his game,especially when the D shuts down the run game. In the SB the 49ers absolutely refused to let Ray Rice beat them,and Flacco made them pay for it;Schaub has to do the same when teams gear up to stop Foster.

  7. Schaub isn’t winning a potato salad eating contest much less QB’ing the Texans to the Super Bowl.

  8. Um, what would you expect Schaub to say? That they don’t have a shot?? The first step in trying to get to the SB is believing that you can.

  9. People act like Matt Schaub is a Bum. Guys like Rodgers, Brady, Brees etc have raised the Bar so high that when Other QB’s are not their Level , People act like they aren’t Good.

  10. I think its about time the Texans spend another low pick on a WR in the draft. I could see someone like Patterson, Austin, Woods going a long way for that team beside AJ80

  11. Pass rush pass rush pass rush.

    This is a defense heavy, ground and pound team. Quite possibly the only team in the league that rushes to pass the ball instead of passing outright.

    They belong in the AFC North.

  12. Matt, don’t fall victim to everyone asking you to be a leader. Your a quiet guy, and making bold statements for the media, makes you look worse. Continue to allow the organization to add pieces that will make you better, and put the team in position to win. Not all QB’s need to be vocal, just dependable in the clutch. Work on that over the off-season, and hopefully your statement comes true.

  13. Funny how many blame Schaub, and don’t blame “in Wade we trust”, for his defensive schemes imploding against the league’s best offenses. It’s not all on the shoulders of Schaub. Detroit, Green Bay, New England twice, Jags, Indy, and the vikings run attack made the Texans look pathetic. If the defense can hold their own in the big games, Schaub becomes a winnable QB in the clutch. This changes his perception.

  14. “They have to get a deep threat WR to complement AJ#80”
    …so that Schaub can underthrow him too? The only way Schaub gets to the SB is if somebody else is quarterbacking his team.

  15. Our defense (which allowed 500 yards to Peterson) held the Arian Foster under 30 yards.

    Our struggling offense with undrafted players in the starting lineup managed to put up 42 on ’em….

    I’m not impressed by the texans – they’re just another “contender” that pads their stats on weak teams in a weak division, then disappear against quality opponents.

  16. i dont see the schaub run texans competing for a sb. Houston has many stellar pieces in place, but qb and wr(andre has been snuffed in the past 2 seasons without any other recieving threats other than Daniels) and schaub is slightly abo
    ve average on his best day.

  17. Dalucks you’re an idiot… You need to leave h-town. Your comments are moronic and you make the dumbest suggestions. The team is making strides to being a great team, not just a one and done team. They are trying to build a dynasty. Injuries are the worse thing that can happen to a team like that. Losing Cushing last year killed the Texans. Look up the stats. Numbers don’t lie. And you need to get used to kubiak, because he ain’t going anywhere. I’d agree to a different play caller though. Shaub on the other hand, well hr just added more pressure on himself by his comments although he is right. They should be contenders. My guess is the Texans and Atlanta in this years superbowl, if Shaub can play well down the stretch. Go Texans!

  18. Therealpitbull
    You seem to be forgetting, in the playoffs the defense pretty much kept the patriots offense at bay in most of the second and third quarters of the the game. The offense couldn’t help them out by not being able to move the ball on an average defense. So yeah,” in wade we trust.” Too many 3 and outs and selling for 3s in the playoffs will lose to anyone in playoffs.

  19. @bullsonparade1977
    You cannot have it both ways. Gary Kubiak is the playcaller on offense. Do you really think that he is going to strip himself of the playcalling duties? That is like Jerry Jones firing himself as the GM in Dallas. Kubiak cannot fix the offensive problems because he is the problem.
    In order to improve the offense, Kubiak and Schaub need to leave.

  20. Those elitist Texans are so da**n dumb……Schaub coined the phrase “not Texan worthy” such a dumb$$$……they have lost a quality safety replaced by an aged vet…..signed an over the hill punter and FB….lost a OLB in Barwin ILB in James and Cushing is rehabbing from major knee surgery….they need a nose tackle because they aren’t bringing back Shaun Cody….they need the right side of an offense line…Brooks and Newton are not going to hack it.. and an aging Andre Johnson is the only real WR on the team…….then the noodle armed Schaub…..if Walter was scraping the db’s off Johnson he wouldn’t be able to get open….oh Yeah…they cut Walter…..think Big Brown will win the Kentucky Derby….get real!!!! Indy wins the division!!

  21. @bullsonparade1977

    I didn’t forget that nightmare day. IM A TEXAN FAN. (Yes, born in Pittsburgh, with Black & Gold in my veins, but totally support each franchise 100%…Hence…Pitt Bull) But, I don’t place the total blame on Schaub. Kubiak has to become more creative in playcalling, and we need a slot playmaker. You can’t continue to ignore Dre in the red zone, and relay on Foster and Daniels, that are not juggernauts with quickness. Getting someone opposite of Dre would drastically help, but the Denver/Houston system has notoriously ignored the #2 Wr.

  22. Sorry guys but you had your chance and didn’t take advantage of it. You spent the last 10 years trying to find a way to beat Manning. The good news is you don’t have to face him twice a year anymore but the bad news is now you will have to spend the next 10 years trying to find a way to beat Andrew (sorry about your) Luck.

  23. Schaub put up 28 against New England. Defense gave up 41.
    Flacco put up 28 against New England the following week. Baltimore’s defense gave up 13.
    The Texans loss to NE was a team loss.
    Schaub ain’t Manning, Rogers, or Brady. But those guys all screwed the pooch too.

  24. Flacco’s got a great long ball, but Schaub is better in the short passing situations. Texans didn’t go deep enough times last year, but they only have the one real deep threat. Besides the lack of deep threats, Schaub’s biggest problem is Kubiak’s play-calling, and I’d like to see Schaub given more play-calling responsibilty next year. I expect both Kubiak and Schaub to have a better year in 2013.

  25. Some teams are just destined to never win the Super Bowl.

    Teams like the Bengals, Bills, Cardinals, Chargers, Eagles, Falcons, Jaguars, Panthers, Seahawks and the Texans.

  26. Pitt bull
    I totally get you on what you said, but I don’t know if it’s kubs or Shaub who doesn’t make audibles at the line. Leaning towards Shaub. He’s obviously been in the system long enough to have the trust of the coach to make audibles. And as far as the change in play caller, that doesn’t have to be a decision made by the coach. The owner or gm can make that call. Hell, they can even hide it to spare one’s feelings via a relay system from the booth. But for the most part I agree with you, they both need to step up their game. Think Texans should make a play on Rolando McClain?

  27. I’ve always backed schaub up in years past. In the playoffs he looked way out of his element. I dont think he can lead them to the sb. But i beleive he can be a peice that helps the Texans get there

  28. defense didn’t show up in NE last year. 41 points in an away playoff game — almost impossible for a QB to get a win under those circumstances. the defense ended the season. not schaub.

    hopefully with Cushing back, the D gets better. i hope old man Reed still has some gas left in him as well, although i’m not very confident there.

  29. As long as Gary Kubiak is head coach of that team, they are going nowhere. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the inception of the team, but I gave up on Kubiak after his 5th year of futility. Seen too many late season collapses, and unlike other fans, I totally expected their collapse even when 11-1, and of course I was not disappointed.

  30. Okay… We already knew this. But to finish the deal, you gotta play better Schaub!

    And texans…. You’ve had over 7 years to find a second receiver for help Andre and the QB. please do SOMETHING before the season starts. Trade, draft, anything!

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