Report: Roy Helu Jr. underwent foot surgery in February


Redskins running back Roy Helu Jr. is hoping to be full strength by the club’s May OTAs after left foot surgery two months ago, Tarik El-Bashir of reported Friday.

Helu Jr. missed most of the 2012 season because of problems in the foot. He told that a examination earlier this year found cartilage damage in his left toe that had gone previously undiscovered. The third-year back from Nebraska was able to resume running this week, he told El-Bashir.

Helu Jr. racked up 640 rushing yards and another 379 yards receiving as a rookie in 2011. He had seven catches but just two carries in three games last season. The vast majority of rushing attempts by Washington tailbacks in 2012 went to Alfred Morris, who carried 335 times. No other back had more than 23 rushes (Evan Royster).

Also notable: No Redskins tailback had more than 15 catches a season ago; by contrast; Helu paced Washington backs with 49 receptions in 2011. In March, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said Helu Jr. could “help us out a lot in the third down package,” Rich Campbell of the Washington Times reported.

Helu Jr., Royster, Keiland Williams and Tristan Davis are the veteran options behind Morris on the Redskins’ depth chart.

15 responses to “Report: Roy Helu Jr. underwent foot surgery in February

  1. Helu will be second on depth chart behind Morris. He’s a good change of pace back and will make solid depth as he looks to redeem himself.

  2. I don’t get why zone blocking isn’t more wide spread. You see undrafted or late round flier nobodies like Morris, Terrell Davis, Arian Foster, Mike Anderson etc etc., become superstars in that system.

  3. mmskin says:
    Apr 5, 2013 7:51 PM
    Terrell Davis is a nobody?????????

     Out of the draft in the 6th round? Yes he was a nobody just like everyone mentioned was UNTIL zone blocking.

  4. Roy Helu was on the all-rookie team as a RB in 2011, another late round home run by the Redskins current front office.

    The Skins are in great shape despite Mara.

  5. Helu will be the 2 nd back behind Morris. He’s a good change of pace back and really good at catching the ball out of the backfield. He will probably have under 50 carries on the season but a high number of catches. Adds a really good weapon and scapegoat for RG3, and can really expand their playbook

  6. In March, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said Helu Jr. could “help us out a lot in the third down package,”
    lol a few weeks ago they wanted to sign Reggie Bush to take his place in that role. If they had more money, I’m pretty sure they would’ve.

  7. I was curious as to why we didn’t see more of Helu Jr. well I guess that puts that to rest…Go Skins!

  8. @mmskin I think randallflagg52 is saying that players like Davis who was drafted very late, and Foster who we all know to be a beast but went undrafted do well in zone blocking schemes. Its not a stupid statement but a good football question.

    I thought zone blocking was pretty wide spread now in the modern run game. Perhaps as zone blocking is creating movement in the defense the east – west runners who prefer to bounce outside looking for a hole to form do better than guys who just charge up the middle. Dunno.

  9. Boy, if this kid can stay healthy, he can really play…Hopefully he gets the chance and keeps himself on the field. He can be the type of productive guy Brian Mitchell was (other than the returns, of course)

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