Saints sign former No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith


The Saints added some tackle depth, but can’t be finished looking.

The team announced they had signed former No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith to a one-year contract.

Smith was a bust with the Rams after their 2009 draft investment, and never really made a peep with the Jets after being traded for Wayne Hunter.

The Saints haven’t replaced free agent departure Jermon Bushrod, leaving Charles Brown and Zach Strief as the starters.

Smith’s a depth signing at this point, and the Saints have been looking closely at the tackles in this year’s draft.

14 responses to “Saints sign former No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith

  1. We’re going to package Jason Smith, Chris Ivory with #15 and trade up to #3 with the Raiders to grab Eric Fisher. Raiders are so dumb.

  2. I guess the Aints are officially back. It seems long ago but at least the poor baghead fans did get to celebrate a Super Bowl.

  3. Jumping ahead to 2016….

    In other news, former #1 pick Luke Joeckel that has been considered a bust, has signed a league minimum contract with the Cardinals.

    O-Lineman in the top 10 is silly!!!!!

  4. If anybody can make a left tackle look like a pro bowler, its Drew Brees. Just look at the guys Smith had to block for, on terrible teams I might add.. Mark “hold the ball too long” Sanchez and Sam “I can’t stay healthy” Bradford. This guy has not exactly had the best coaching.

    Welcome to a real team Jason Smith!!

  5. If Smith ever had any kind of ability he will be fine. I’m pretty sure most anybody around 300 pounds with functional limbs can be solid with Grubbs/Evans/De la Puente lined up next to him.

  6. Brilliant. If smith had any ability he wouldn’t be on his third team. Rams drafted this guy #2 or 3 whatever after he played I think one year at OT at college in a spread offense (thanks Billy Devaney) and hasn’t really developed since. Not to mention his desire has been questioned. Good luck Aints

  7. They sign a backup tackle and you’re all throwing around Aints? Really? People are still calling them that? Wake up. 2003 called.

    You’re a moron if you think The Raiders are trading their pick to move back 12 spots for a couple of backups.

    There ought to be a mandatory IQ test before you’re allowed to comment here…

  8. chad504boy says: Apr 11, 2013 2:45 PM

    We’re going to package Jason Smith, Chris Ivory with #15 and trade up to #3 with the Raiders to grab Eric Fisher. Raiders are so dumb.
    No they aren’t, and no you’re not. Davis didn’t trade down, and McKenzie isn’t trading that #3 for anything but extra picks.

  9. All you nay sayers are gonna have mud on all your faces when he makes the All-Pro roster!!! GO!! JASON GO!!

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