Browns claim linebacker Ryan Rau on waivers


Another day, another one-time Eagle on his way to Cleveland.

The Browns announced Friday that they had successfully claimed linebacker Ryan Rau on waivers from Philadelphia. Rau was one of four Eagles players waived on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, the Eagles and Browns swapped players, with the Browns receiving running back Dion Lewis and the Eagles getting linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

Rau (6-1, 230) is a second-year pro from Portland State. He appeared in four games for the Eagles at the end of last season, notching two special-teams tackles. He likely projects inside in the Browns’ 3-4 scheme.

14 responses to “Browns claim linebacker Ryan Rau on waivers

  1. First, it was Heckert. Now, it’s Banner.

    I guess I missed the memo about Iggles players being in such high demand…

  2. Another great high profile free agent signing by Mike & Joe. They have me thinking about buying tickets……
    Think why the hell do I keep doing this……

  3. Another special teams player. Good pick up. With the amount of 3 and outs they’re going to have, they’re going to need a strong punt coverage unit.

  4. And Mike Lombardturd ends the week with another game changing move!

    For an encore he’s going to exchange his red & white cane for a white & red one!

  5. brownsclown says:

    “And Mike Lombardturd ends the week with another game changing move!”

    You have got to be kidding, right? THIS GUY IS A DEPTH/SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER. How often is he going to be on the field during defense? Hopefully, not very much. Every team needs players like this, and not every signing is going to be a blockbuster. Calm down.

  6. I’ve seen this guy play in the Big Sky conference. He was like a big fish in a little pond. He seemed to get a pretty good read was very deliberate and methodical…didn’t make mistakes. We have to hope the Eagles didn’t change his mindset!

  7. I am glad that he’s on our team. If I were a QB…I wouldn’t want to play against him. I mean…look at that photo. He tackles you by grabbing your junk and slamming it to the ground. He should be the most feared player on our team!

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