Grossman knows he won’t be running the read-option

Getty Images

The Redskins open offseason workouts this week with four quarterbacks.  The starter, Robert Griffin III, continues to rehab a torn ACL.  Only one of the other three can run the offense the way Griffin does.

That’s why Pat White has value during the shorts-and-T-shirts practices that are looming.  White can help the offense run read-option plays.  Rex Grossman can’t.

At least Grossman admits it.

“[Offensive coordinator] Kyle Shanahan could not call that play without laughing while he called it for me,” Grossman recently told ESPN 980, via “Whether Kirk [Cousins] could, we’ll see.  But it takes some getting used to, and if they are gonna run it with Kirk, they’d definitely need to practice it a lot.”

The Redskins arguably need at least one more quarterback to help them through offseason workouts and training camp.  Especially if the goal is to get the rest of the offensive players ready to run the read-option.