Vick, Foles split reps at Eagles minicamp


No real quarterback competition is going to be settled on the first day of the first minicamp, but that doesn’t stop people from wondering about the pecking order.

It’s no surprise, then, that Eagles coach Chip Kelly faced questions about how snaps were allocated when the Eagles worked out on Tuesday. Kelly said that Michael Vick and Nick Foles rotated with the first team and that Dennis Dixon got some snaps as well while trying his best to downplay the significance of who is playing where at this point in the process.

“It’s even. They both [Vick and Foles] took reps with the ones,” Kelly said, via Jordan Raanan of “The depth chart for us is not a big deal. … The depth chart is more of a seating chart than a depth chart.”

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that there are plenty of people who put a lot of stock into a seating chart. Kelly is likely to find that Philadelphia has more than enough to spare every time he faces the media and gets asked about the identity of his starting quarterback.

He might have an easier time naming his left tackle. Jason Peters participated fully on Tuesday as he makes his way back from last year’s torn Achilles. Kelly said, via the team website, that Peters “looked really at home” at his old position and his return would be a positive development for the Eagles after last year’s follies on the offensive line.

22 responses to “Vick, Foles split reps at Eagles minicamp

  1. If you have a bench full of QBs that COULD start then you probably don’t have any that SHOULD start. This is the NFL coach. A QB-driven league. Learn that or you’ll fade faster than Spurrier and Saban did.

  2. Where is logicalvoicesays comment about how RGIII’s pinky is better than any of these guys and how gods are smiling down on the redskins?

    NY G-Men will be taking this division back anyway this year.

  3. On the field I enjoy watching Michael Vick because he takes chances and is exciting.

    Off the field, not so much.

    I’m not from Philly but if I am watching an Eagles game on tv I would probably rather watch Vick than Foles. Entertainment-wise.

  4. I’m not from Philly but if I am watching an Eagles game on tv I would probably rather watch Vick than Foles. Entertainment-wise.

    And the fact you know a turnover is coming up sooner rather than later.

  5. I don’t know how Kelly’s going to fashion his offense to work in the Pro game. but I know he has to do something with the Q.B.position because the man will not survive under the way he ran the college game. he might need 7 q.b, that way. My personal choice is Foles, his start in the 6 or 7 games he played were better than the same sample size as Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Sam Bradford and many,many other starting quaterbacks in the National Football League.

  6. Too bad Kelly doesn’t have a QB as he starts his NFL career. I would have like to see how he’d do with a good one.

    Then again, not too many first-time coaches inherit top QBs.

  7. First time PFT has written an article about the Eagles QB situation without referring to Vick as the starter and Foles the backup – maybe you guys are catching on… It is a competition.

  8. Kelly will put up points no matter who starts at QB and he will do it his way. It will be fascinating to watch his style because he doesn’t give a crap about the “NFL way of doing things.

  9. Please do not be alarmed if Dennis Dixon is running the offense sometime this year. He will definitely be the starter next year! Foles is out as a trade piece…..

  10. Nick Foles should start!

    How many fumbles and interceptions does Vick have to commit before the Eagles wake up?

  11. Michael Vick is nothing but media hype!

    Remember last season when ESPN became excited by the prospect of Vick starting against the Giants after Foles injured his throwing hand?

    They were babbling about Vick exploding to prove he still could start at QB in the NFL…

    The result: the Eagles got blown out and Vick looked as terrible as he did all season.

    Nothing but hype and herpes…Michael “Ron Mexico” Vick

  12. “… he doesn’t give a crap about the “NFL way of doing things.”


    I’m sure the NFL is scared of what a college coach will bring that they’ve never seen before. All those years of never winning anything at the college level should make him well-prepared for all the losing he will do in the NFL.

  13. We must see how well Foles plays with a good off. line. He wasn’t terrible with the worst off. line last year and being a rookie. That little bit of extra time he ll get could make Foles a big surprise.

  14. When will people understand that foles is nothing special. Vick i believe is honestly better than foles currently. We did beat the sb champion ravens with him at qb u know…

  15. Its funny how the non eagles fans always seem to follow and post negativity on every eagles related stories….
    Anyway, I think vick still has something left in the tank give the guy a chance with a healthy offensive line. Last year, literally, as soon as the ball was snapped there was somebody in the backfield which forced vick to make ill-advised decisions. A LOT of the turnovers were vick-induced but some werent. I like foles but Im not sold yet

  16. vick is going to start hands down he’s the only qb on the team with a cannon for an arm.. I like foles but he’s has no arm strength at all for wideouts on the team

  17. Right now I don’t have any idea what Chip plans to do on offense or defense. As great as he is in press conferences, he doesn’t really tell you that much about what he intends to do.

  18. Die hard giants fan,we all know this division is up for grabs this year,but it should go in this order as odds to win it..


    Sorry this is an eagles topic but wanted to clarify the previous statement made by the giants fan..i follow the eagles as much as the gmen,live in s.jersey,it’s interesting to see what happens with Kelly and the eagles this year,I personally think there gonna stink it up,but thats still to be determined,the dead at the qb position,Vick seems to fit Kellys system but he’s older now and fragile,and a turnover machine,I can’t believe he’s still on the roster after last year,foles although looked good at points last year,I don’t see him as a prototypical nfl starter,I know hes not great at the long ball and does not fit chips style,I have no opinion on Dennis Dixon,hasn’t played much..I think they’ll draft the dude from in the 2nd round,not geno smith with the first pick,although I’m hoping they blow that first pick on geno..should be an interesting season

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