Andre Brown sets some big goals for 2013 season

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As we reported earlier this week, Giants running back Andre Brown signed an injury protection agreement that allows him to work out with the team even though he hasn’t signed his restricted free agent tender yet.

When you hear Brown talk about his goals for the coming season, it’s no surprise that he wanted to spend as much time in front of the coaches as possible this offseason. Brown is expected to split time with David Wilson in the backfield for the Giants, but he’ll need to earn a big chunk of the playing time in order to compile the numbers he’s talking about compiling.

“I have to outdo last year’s stats. Eight touchdowns — I want 22. I want 1,300 (yards) this year,” Brown said, via the team’s website. “That’s the steppingstone. I have to erase last year’s stats and show I can do better.”

There were six running backs in the NFL with more than 1,300 rushing yards last season, which makes Brown reaching that plateau more likely than him scoring 22 times. That’s been done just 14 times in a season in the history of the NFL. Brown ran for 385 yards and scored eight times in 10 games before breaking his leg last season. If he doubled those stats while Wilson stepped into a leading role, the Giants would have plenty to smile about in the running game even if Brown fell short of his goal.

5 responses to “Andre Brown sets some big goals for 2013 season

  1. I love the goals Andre, but lets not get too crazy. You need to show the coaches that you can pick up the blitz better than David Wilson can. You also need to show patience with the ball, let your blocks develop and dont just run headlong into the tackles like Jacobs seemed to do at the end of his Giants career.

    You really should just focus on the basics for now, you aren’t even gauranteed to get most of the carries!

  2. If I were to bet which NY running back was more likely to gain 1,300 yards and 22 TDs I’d have to put my money on Mr. Wilson. Sorry Andre, but you will most likely lose snaps rather than gain them…

  3. Andre Brown may be a nice guy but he wassn’t good enough to play for the Redskins. That’s why the Redskins dominate the NFC East and the NFL. Teams like the Giants have to rely on Redskins castoffs.

  4. Maybe not 22 but I can see him getting 16 or 17 if he stays healthy. He has a nose for the endzone on goal line plays.

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