Sanchez, Tebow feud keeps percolating


A team that already has had plenty of distractions seems to be on the verge of another one.

Regardless of anything he ever has said, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez never wanted Tim Tebow on the team.  And now that Sanchez is trying to take advantage of what necessarily is his last chance to save his job in New York, Tebow is still there.  Not because the Jets want Tebow, but because the Jets want to try to trade away the obligation to pay the Broncos $1.53 million this year in salary that was previously paid out to Tebow by his former team.

Still, it’s clear that Sanchez doesn’t want Tebow there, and it’s clear that Tebow doesn’t want to be there.

While both have opted for a passive-aggressive approach, each player has now had a private coach who works with him sound off.  It started with Jeff Garcia, who has been helping teach Sanchez the West Coast offense, calling Tebow a “distraction” whose presence “doesn’t bring anything positive.”  Then, Steve Clarkson, who has been helping Tebow fix his throwing motion, called Sanchez a “fragile-minded quarterback.”

Neither quarterback has rejected the comments.  Which would lead a reasonable mind to believe that the quarterbacks agree with — or, at a minimum, don’t disagree with — the things that have been said.

If neither Sanchez nor Tebow publicly distance themselves from the things said by Garcia and Clarkson, respectively, the possibility exists for their passive-aggressive feud to turn aggressive-aggressive.

So, basically, the other guys working out at the Jets facility should be bringing popcorn to the weight room.

71 responses to “Sanchez, Tebow feud keeps percolating

  1. “Neither quarterback has rejected the comments. Which would lead a reasonable mind to believe that the quarterbacks agree with — or, at a minimum, don’t disagree with — the things that have been said.”

    This is an absolutely ridiculous statement. You’ve been “lawyering” too long, Florio (or maybe not long enough?).

    The truth is, neither qb has anything to gain by addressing every negative comment made about them.

    How ’bout this: Florio should stick to rumors and leave the conjecture out of it, because his best Rob Parker imitation is bad. Now, if Florio doesn’t address my statement, it’s necessarily true. Is that how this works? Look at me! I’m a PFT writer!

  2. Both comments are accurate.
    Funny part is that as a Pats fan, I feel for Jets fans. I just want the competitive rivalry back and that is not happening with either of these two QBs.

  3. Nobody cares, they both stink as QBs. Stick to reporting real stories rather than trying to create “news”. Geez, the media has gone full blown TMZ at this point, it’s not even funny…

  4. I thought Tebow was brought here to light a fire under Sanchez’s ass to help him develop into a more confident and better QB. He didn’t and now they are blaming Tebow for still being there? And Woody’s won’t admit HE was the only one who wanted Tebow. I just don’t understand this team when it comes to “wanting” to win football games.

  5. If Tebow had a thought would it be a Christian Ponder?

    Did anyone catch the joke? Tebow is a QB and a Christian and ponder means to think. There is also a QB named “Christian Ponder”. It’s a nice play on words.

  6. Two years ago I commented how this team was ripe for an implosion but I never imagined that two years later the Jets look like they could actually get the first pick in the 2014 draft as the worst team in the NFL.

    By the way, I have seen many posts about Johnny Manziel and the 2014 draft. He is not available until the 2015 draft leaving them to draft Clowney.

    The NY tabloids are waiting to see the mushroom cloud coming from Florham Park.

  7. Hard to argue with either. Each wants the other gone, and the team prefers both gone… lol at the Jets.

  8. OF course Tebow does not help out Sanchez. They brought Tebow in to look bad so people would not want Sanchez on the bench. Tebow does nothing but win. Sanchez was a college wonder that like almost ALL USC qb’s shines during college and slowly fads into obscurity.

  9. I’m sure they’ll get a chance to settle their feud head to head in the 2014 CFL season opener.

  10. Or maybe the media is just making too much of this?

    Nah, that would never happen in New York…

  11. Is Tebow a distraction? Yes but the Jets made him that way by going and getting him. Is Sanchez a fragile minded qb? OH MY GOD YES! But ghats not something the Jets did its just the part of Sanchez the Jets get. Of course the media built him up when “he led the Jets to 2 AFC champio ship games” when the truth is the D in those years carried them there. Unfortunately for Sanchez he believes he took them there and now reality is setting in. He’s not a good qb and is more suited as a back up, all USC QBs are.

  12. I’ve said in the past that not all the blame for the Jets failures could be leveled at Sanchez and I stand by that, but he does deserve some blame and the critique of him being fragile-minded seems fair. Why oh why would you be scared of Tim Tebow as your competition? I like the guy and all and believe that he is a good football player, but he simply is NOT an NFL-caliber QB. His inability to get past the mental aspect of sharing a position with Tebow caused the Jets to avoid USING Tebow to help them win games, effectively WASTING a gameday rosterspot. I think it is high time to grow up Mr Sanchez.

  13. niether guy has said anything public about one another. you’re fabricating drama once again florio. why dont you grab a bag of popcorn and go to their weight room? maybe youll get some facts for your articles for once.

  14. I LOVE the Jets!! Real life comedy being played out everyday, not just once a week. Revis, The QB’s, the coach, owner it’s non-stop laughs.

  15. Tebow brings nothing positive? That is quite silly. That dude is the definition of positive.

    I don’t think this says anything about either qb’s thoughts on the situation. It looks like 2 kids arguing about who has a tougher dad.

  16. I don’t believe anything in this article points in any way to a fued percolating but this is just another example of the Jet’s leaving themselves dead center in issues or controversy when anyone paying attention knows it could end in about 5 minutes by doing what we know they’re eventually gonna do….release Tebow!

    It’s no secret Sanchez is a weak minded and terrible QB but they are stuck with him. Why make it worse? Really? For a possible 7th round pick?

  17. The ow is not the distraction now. Sanchez is. Sanchez could not get it done. Sit him down and give the ball to Tebow. The Jets have nothing to lose.

  18. What is Tebow still doing on the Jets? I don’t get it. The way the Jets have treated Tebow is a disgrace. Treating him like a freak show. Training him to learn only 4 plays because those are the only 4 plays the Jets trust him with even though they still have Mr. ButtFumble himself on the team. Why the Jets didn’t at least give him a chance to be the starter after the embarrassment of Sanchez is beyond me.

    Why Tebow doesn’t demand a trade is beyond me considering that the Jets have treated him like a freak show. Why the Jets haven’t dumped him yet is even more embarrassing but they obviously want to drag Tebow through the mud. The only person that gets through the whole mess with their dignity intact is Tebow.

  19. you gotta love how anyone and everyone can say all the negative things they want about Tebow but the min. someone around sticks up for him it’s controversial. what exactly did he say that was wrong? if sanchez was not weak minded then the presence of a guy who his own coach did not want around and refused to play him should not have had any effect on him at all but instead he crumbled from him just being on the team. he was right about how they used Tebow also,everyone knew what the play was when he came into the game. if it failed it was because he sucked and if it gained 2 yards then it was he only gained 2 yards he sucks. unlike you experts here the guy has worked with qb’s before and knows what he is doing and if he says he has worked on his delivery and it’s better than who are you to doubt him? but we will never know since the jets are screwing him over yet again. as for sanchez first 2 years why is nobody stating what they said about Tebow’s success in denver his only starting year,that it was only because they had a strong defense and running game? look what happened the last 2 years without either for the jets. last year might have been different if foot deviant had let Tebow play instead of sticking with sanchez while the season went down the drain. we get it the guy is not a drop back passer but he wins but apparently that does not matter with the jets.

  20. OK, let’s settle this like Ghandi would… stand 20 yards apart and throw footballs at each other… since neither one would ever hit the other, it would be the safest duel in history!

  21. So the girls can have a cat fight in Florham Park, which we’ll never know about. End result? The Jets still won’t have a QB to take them to the play-offs. Sad, but unfortunately true.

  22. The media has made sure this is an issue. Tebow doesn’t work that way. Any chance to make him look like the bad guy is what these people are after.

  23. Why should we care what Steve Clarkson has to say…

    the guy has no credibility in my book–previous projects of his are: Tyrelle Pryor, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Leinart, JP Losman, and Gino Torretta.

    He has one success and thats Big Ben.

  24. “nebster21 says: Apr 18, 2013 10:35 AM
    OF course Tebow does not help out Sanchez. They brought Tebow in to look bad so people would not want Sanchez on the bench. Tebow does nothing but win. Sanchez was a college wonder that like almost ALL USC qb’s shines during college and slowly fads into obscurity.”

    I’m no fan of the University of $econd Choice, but if you’re going to bash U$C QBs, let’s take a look at the QBs from the entire STATE of Florida since the 90s (FSU, UF, Miami). They are products of an overhyped PR machine that have produced very very average to below average to downright awful QBs in the NFL. Your best QB since the 90s was Brad Johnson or Rex Grossman. That says it all.

  25. I agree they should move on from both players. And they should throw in their HC and GM as sweeteners to get somebody to offer up some draft value for the pair of players. Then get a strong thinker that can create a winning solution for the Jets to transform into a dominant contender for the future.

  26. As with most football team internal feuds problems or lack of success, it starts with ownership. The ownership hired the GM and the head coach. If the GM and head coach cannot straighten this mess out, it’s time to get rid of them and get someone who can get the train back on the tracks. If the ownership cannot do that, then it’s time to replace the ownership. A look at the Miami Marlins shows what can happen with a disfunctional owner and GM.

  27. Tebow has worked on his throwing motion every of season and it nor he has gotten better. His stubbornness not to change positions is why he will be out of the league very soon! !

  28. Neither of these QBs will keep the jets from the bottom of their division this year. That’s why they’re desperate to trade Revis. They need that extra first rounder to take another QB to replace buttfumbler and then take another in the 2nd round in order to have a real competition for their next signal caller. Tebow will released June 1st because no one wants him. And, sadly, it seems like they’ve committed themselves to Sanchez AND Rex Ryan for another season. Enjoy picking in the top 5 of the draft next year jets fans.

  29. i think this is the same exact story as you guys posted yesterday…..only adding the fact that sanchez nor tebow have not commented publicly on the statements. i suppose this is percolation.

  30. The Jets shouldn’t have traded for him in the first place. They obviously had no plan for the guy and didn’t know what to do with him from day one.

  31. Watching TEBOW knock the smile off sanchezs face if this thing turns “aggressive-aggressive” would be more entertaining than watching the jets play on Sunday!

    Just saying…

  32. Tampa MUST TAKE Sanchez AND Tebow-give up THIS YEARS 1st-3rd-6th draft pick for Revis.The Jets solve thier QB problem AND lose the clown stigma at the same time.Hey Tampa-where are the elephants?

  33. I don’t see why the Jets have kept either one of those losers. Sanchez is a backup and Tebow is a tight end or fullback. The best thing for the Patriots this year is for Rex Ryan a defensive coach to keep tattooing losers all over his body or his wife’s body or his wife’s feet or who knows where? All I know is every team in their division is sitting back and laughing their butts off at Ryan and the Jets. Woody Johnson, Idzik, Sanchez, Tebow, Ryan, the whole unbalanced group is a bunch of jokes and clowns and will be a source of immense entertainment this year as we watch the locker room splinter and fall apart.

  34. Its so fun to watch the Jets drama unfolding from the beautiful city of Denver. I can’t believe this bum helped us win a playoff game. Tim Tebow should be thanking God for Matt Prater every day of his life 🙂

  35. I am not a Tebow or Sanchez fan. I’ll admit I was getting pretty tired of him shouting out his love of Jesus in every single interview. I mean sideline, locker room stupid t-shirts with him doing what? Not kneeling, anyway. I guess I just felt like yelling Tebow I got! You’re a good Christian. Got it, but the question was how is the O Line going to blah blah.

    However I am a more or less decent human being and I don’t like it when dirt bags and bullies stab a guy in the back and then start laying the boot too him while he’s on the ground. I think Tebow was so sickly positive and upbeat all the time because he was treated the same way. He was still pretty young and I doubt he had really ever run into nasty or spiteful people. Nobody exploited or stuck it to him because he didn’t have anything they wanted.

    However it’s clear to me it dawned on him the first week of Jets training camp this whole trade was not a good thing for him personally. Ryan was pissed that the press kept asking Tebow stuff and ignored Ryan.

    I have to reluctantly give Tebow credit for being able to understand that being a great, moral, caring human being and wearing your faith on your sleeve is ok as long as you check to see if there is a bullseye on your back. A lot of people, including me, didn’t think he was all that bright because Elway hated him and made no bones about it. He seemed to take Elway coming down to the workout and criticizing him as a sign one of the best QBs in history taking a special interest in making him great. In truth Elway was just documenting and detailing why he had to go. Remember there was a huge bidding war for Peyton so Elway probably had to justify his reasoning for ditching a guy the whole city loved and just took them to the playoffs. The Broncos were not really ever talked about as being in the bidding war. Elway had already seen Peyton workout many times because even though nobody really knew it Peyton was working out in NC or something with his college coach. Elway got information and opinions about things and then had Peyton prove that he could throw this or that way. Video taped it and went back to get the cash. It came out of nowhere that Peyton was flying in Denver to talk to them because he was supposed to be in SF and they opened up the piggy bank. They had just given the good news to Alex Smith that if he wanted to stay he was gonna take $10 million paycut or they were dealing him to the cardinals like now. The next morning there’s Peyton and Elway announcing the deal was signed top dollar and less than 24 hours ago nobody even knew they were in the hunt. There is no question in my mind that Manning made it clear that there was only gonna be one man in that locker room who people are going to get in line with and treat as if every word was from God. Archie Manning apparently was also talking to teams and if they weren’t willing to dump the current QB Peyton wasn’t interested.
    I don’t think it is Peyton trying to protect his job, I think it is an acute understanding that he has very little time to win the SB. He knew he had the skill but not the time to have to win the loyalty or respect needed guys to take his direction and do it his way. The Broncos did pretty well last year but Peyton sent some dudes down the road who were not meeting his standards. He is suddenly aware aware of his own mortality and it’s either do it right, his way real quick or I gotta get a guy who can right now. I doubt there is much of the coaching and mentoring the Colts guys grew up knowing.

  36. If they had both commented in some way you would have been saying that they should have just ignored the media and kept their mouths shut.

    Players can’t win when it comes to the media.

  37. ejudge44 says:Apr 18, 2013 12:05 PM

    Has there ever been so much attention paid to a “feud” between 2 players that are as irrelevant on the field as these guys???

    Yet you troll here and reply. Priceless!

  38. dolphindubs says:Apr 18, 2013 10:39 AM

    Percolating. Always loved that word. Percolating.

    Blackout. Always loved that word. Blackout.

    (As in any home Dolphins game)

  39. timb12 says: Apr 18, 2013 10:37 AM

    Wait, so this article was just a recap?
    Sure, there was nothing new in Jetsland, so rather than give this team of losers the inattention it so richly deserves, rather than give some pub to teams that have a clue, that have a plan, that have a direction, they recapped the non-doings of the biggest freak show in the Almighty Northeast.

    That said–I wish Tebow would get off his holier-than-thou horse and beat the snot out of Ryan and/or Sanchez, just to show he has a temper and that there’s something bad about him other than his throwing. If he were to pound either of them (or their surrogates) into a barely-moving pile of semi-sentient protoplasm, he’d have a ton more fans than he has now.

    “I have literally beaten the USC Golden Boy for the starting quarterback job. Any of you other alleged QBs want to contest that?”

  40. What Yellow Journalism! reported “Clarkson also clarified he isn’t Tebow’s personal coach and only worked with him for a “couple” days. He said he was brought in (by Jimmy Sexton, Tebow’s agent) to give his personal opinion of Tebow’s mechanics at the position.” Clarkson by the way gave an excellent report on Tebow’s skill as a QB.

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