ProFootballTalk: Lingering effects from Revis trade

The PFT crew breaks down the residual effects of Darrelle Revis’ arrival in Tampa Bay, including the belief that the price of cornerbacks on the free agent and trade markets have increased dramatically.

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1 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Lingering effects from Revis trade

  1. I am a Seattle fan and I can tell you right now Seahawks won’t pay Sherman $16m a year. In many ways I don’t think Revis will get $16m x 6 years, so that contract is fools gold.

    Sherman may be the best CB, but Browner is one of the best CB’s too. There is no way Seattle pays 1 player that kind of money, and I hope Sherman gives a healthy home discount, while getting a contract that may be better than Revis with less $ per year.

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