Another reason to watch for late-round trades tonight

As the draft approaches and the pre-draft rumor mill spins like the Tasmanian Devil on Adderall (after all, half of all cartoon characters take it), it’s important from time to time to widen the lens.

Plenty of trades are expected tonight.  In the back of the first round, there’s an important reason for that.

While all draft picks now must sign four-year rookie deals, first-round picks can have their rights tied up for a fifth year.  That makes the bottom of round one more attractive, especially for a team that lands a quarterback.

Earlier today, we mused about the possibility of the Ravens and Jaguars flip-flopping the 32nd and 33rd picks.  We mentioned it primarily as a way to help Jacksonville ensure that they won’t be jumped by another team in round two.  But even if the Jags don’t fear being leap-frogged, they may want to trade up to 32 in order to get whichever quarterback they’re targeting for five years instead of four.

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  1. What time is the first pick tonight? Google and Bing are of no use. I know coverage begins at 8 EST. Trying to figure out how early to put the kids to bed.

  2. Does it really matter what Jacksonville does? They’ll mess it up eventually. Cleveland South!

  3. Uh seabreezes51 and pftwd3, time to change your clocks. We are in daylight time now. Show starts at 8:00 EDT. Usually show starts with 5 mins. of TV talking, then the Commissar comes on stage around 8:05 EDT, and KC is on the clock until 8:15 EDT. All picks are then max 10 mins thereafter.

  4. ..

    The GM’s of the 29 – 32 picks (Atl, GB, SF, Den, NE, Balt) either have a history of dealing, or extra picks to parlay.


  5. My bad, I didnt realize that KC/JAC apparently flip flop each round. So I guess the 5 year contract is the only merit in this article.

  6. Adderall would slow down the Tasmanian Devil’s spin. He goes so fast because he can’t get it without a prescription and a permission slip from the League.

  7. The 5th year is way more than the rest of the rookie contract. The 5th year’s salary for anyone who gets drafted from 1-10 is the average of the top 10 players at his position. And anyone who is drafted 11-32 is paid the average of the salaries of the 3rd-25th highest paid players at their position. So basically for a late round QB to be worth the 5th year option they would need to become essentially a top 15 QB at least. With this class of QBs, chances are no one will be worth the option.

  8. Can’t wait to watch Ozzie and company work tonight. The world champions have 12 picks to use not to mention their success with UFA. Rich just gonna keep getting richer.

  9. Can’t wait ’til the first team trades up into the 1st round for a QB… Spielman’s phone is gonna be off-the-hook with desperate QB-needy teams lookin’ to make a deal…

  10. Spielman’s deserved reputation as a card shark is going to start to work against him. Teams are more likely to want to deal with a GM like Thompson; they know he’s just looking for fair value, not to fleece them.

  11. “I’m so proud of my team for stockpiling picks, for the year with the weakest draft.”


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