Bengals take Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert with 21st pick

For the second time in four years, the Cincinnati Bengals have taken a tight end with their first round selection. The Bengals became the first team to take a tight end in this year’s draft by selecting Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert with the 21st overall pick.

Eifert won the Mackey Award as college football’s top tight end last season over Stanford’s Zach Ertz and Washington’s Austin Seferian-Jenkins. At 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds, Eifert is a more effective pass catcher than blocker.

The Bengals still have Jermaine Gresham under contract for two more seasons after taking him in the first round of the 2010 draft. The Bengals needed to add to their weapons on the offensive side of the ball. A.J. Green is one of the league’s best receivers but Cincinnati still was looking to find more options for quarterback Andy Dalton. While tight end may not have been the most pressing need, Eifert should help Cincinnati be more productive offensively next season.

45 responses to “Bengals take Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert with 21st pick

  1. Anyone else annoyed as HELL that every commercial break starts with..and it Teo territory? Almost makes me want to change channels.

  2. They needed offensive weapons. That was obvious in the playoff game. No WR justified going this high, so I have to agree with the pick.

  3. Nice choice, some of these new hybrid TE’s great so many matchup problems. just look at the way pundits are talking about safeties now, it’s all about creating matchup problems.

  4. TE/WR/H-back/line up anywhere on the field/ throw it up & get it guy/red zone specialist/capable blocker for Dalton to play catch with AND the top guy at his position in the draft?

    What’s not to like?

  5. Shocked becoz I thought they were gonna go safety. Well I like tyler and I hope he can really help us getting over that stupid hump.
    Bengals have two picks in the 2nd rd. They shud be able to find a safety in this draft

  6. @ melkipershero
    Yes, I have to agree. Give the current picks 2 sentences so they can cover Teo more in depth. He’s the Tebow of linebackers.

  7. As a Fighting Irish fan, I’ve seen plenty of Eifert. He’ a playmaker, simply put, espeically on a fade. As a 2nd or 3rd option, talk about mismatch. Hope he pans out!

  8. I think they’ve made mistake passing on Lacy & Patterson. Eifert brings a great set of hands to complement Gresham. Unfortunately I don’t think he was best available. Even taking Ogletree would have been a more comfortable pick with Rey Mauluga struggling & Harrison’s age. Time will tell. I’m not convinced this was best choice. I was screaming Dez Bryant the year they took Gresham. After seeing what Bryant did this past year makes me cringe. What if….

  9. Love the way this dude plays the ball and snatches down everything in his area…. Trust the rest of the AFCN took notice … now add a dynamic back that can catch out the back field and make some people miss and the offence is looking real scary…oh and draft the Honey Badger….

  10. Now go get Robert Woods, and you’ll have enough weapons not only to win the division but compete for a superbowl. I’d draft Woods, then focus on Defense and some OL help.

  11. Another Golden Domer with a great reputation. I suppose his having attended God Tech makes him an automatic first ballot HOF guy.

  12. Johnathan Cyprian at 37 and Giovanni Bernard at 53!! Then grab RT Reid Fragel from OSU in the 3rd!! Man if you’re lucky enuff to grab Robert Woods and Arthur Brown too??? This draft would definitely be an A+ for the Bengal.

  13. Cyprien and then either Lacy/Ball/Bernard, whichever RB is still on the board late in the 2nd. Then go for depth at OL, CB, DT, WR, and a backup QB.

    Eifert was a good pick, but I think tomorrow night is key.

  14. Good work taking BPA. Duke Tobin has made a huge impact on the Bengals’ front office. They used to draft like clowns. Now they draft well every year.

  15. I was puzzled when they were on the clock after the Bears passed on Teo, I kept saying oh no don’t do it don’t mess up now. Then I started going through players in my mind that were still there. 49ers jumping in front made it pretty clear it wouldn’t be Cyprien or Elam to much of a reach. Possibly Menlik Watson? No again reach. Who’s it gonna be…. Phew so happy it was the other golden domer. Best available great pick, now go get Cyprien or Watson or both tomorrow and hopefully Le’Veon Bell in the third and the Bengals will have done well for themselves in the draft yet again. Shocking.

  16. Duke Tobin is a total badass. This is a great pick that gives Andy a lot more to work with. Greshem got the message loud and clear. Round two starts with Eddie Lacy…..and then the safety from FIU

  17. Good choice…Eddie Lacy 5th pick rnd 2…then Tackle or Safety or whatever. Back-up will be strong as most teams starters.

  18. I was completely underwhelmed by this pick, but went to youtube afterwards and he has some great catches. He is a decent blocker, which we need from a TE in the AFCN. He is versatile and can definitely catch, so it will probably end up being a good pick.

    I like Lacy, too, but he didn’t get drafted either and we have the 5th pick tonight.

  19. crownofthehelmet says:Apr 26, 2013 9:57 AM

    Great pick. If only Dalton wasn’t a noodle-arm.

    Yea but that “noodle-arm” beat your team and the #1 D from last year for a Playoff spot. You better pray your #1 pick this year will not be like your #1 last year.

  20. Saw an interesting mock today. Arthur brown at 37 and Giovanni Bernard at 53. Safety came in the 3rd with the Rambo kid from Georgia(we know Marvin loves Georgia players). A good corner in 4. Reid Fragel OT in 5 and some good depth. Hmmm…37 will be interesting.

  21. Great pick Mikey. Looks like finally he’s starting to turn the corner. I wasn’t so sure about that pick initially, but having a dangerous 2TE set will cause problems for opposing defenses. And im sick of watching greshams goofy ass run with the football lol. Best thing is we have a top 5 pick today which SHOULD go to eddie lacy albeit hes still on the board which he probably will unless JAX takes him. MJD is on contract year. and theres still Giovani Bernard whom pundits said at first was the best back in the draft. we get lacy AFCN LOOK OUT!its a rap Baltimore, Pittsburgh are registering the AARRP memberships as we speak. now only thing I think we need is S, OT, and a Head Coach I like marvin but he’s clearly not the guy. LETS GO!!! WHO DEY!!

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