Groves’ team-friendly contract could make Browns more likely to keep him

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It’s fitting, we suppose, that a team owned by a guy who runs a truck-stop company would employ a player who got arrested for doing something that many regard as a widespread practice at truck stops.

Browns linebacker Quentin Groves was arrested last week for solicitation of prostitution, as part of a sting operation in Cuyahoga County.  The Browns, who offered the perfunctory “[w]e are aware of the situation and do not have any further comment” comment, now have to decide what they plan to do.

Apart from the fact that he hasn’t already been cut, Groves’ contract points toward the player getting a second chance.  Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Groves already has received a $500,000 roster bonus, and he has a base salary of only $715,000 this year.  Next season, his base salary is $1 million with a $100,000 workout bonus.

And so the Browns could be inclined to keep him around.  Especially if getting a second chance makes Groves even more motivated to make a great first impression when it’s time to get down to business other than, you know, the world’s oldest profession.

17 responses to “Groves’ team-friendly contract could make Browns more likely to keep him

  1. Its not like he hurt our killed anyone… Two adults making a decision to have sex for money is no worse than a dui, failed drug test for ped’s or wife beaters, but they’ve been around in the NFL. They don’t care what you’ve done if you have the talent. They do however care about what the media and general public have to say, so they pick their battles wisely.

  2. He got caught trying to buy something that is perfectly legal to give away that should be legal to sell. Why would they cut him?

  3. Hope your logic is correct Mike.
    Should have heard the comments on the other sports network local radio program yesterday…host was shocked the suburb had real deal hookers. Was too funny

  4. And the fact that he is bad at playing professional football makes them less likely to keep him.

  5. How is it legal for police pretending to be hookers? What a money grab. Go solve some real crimes.

  6. It’s laughable that anyone would expect the Browns to cut him for this incident. You have players that get busted for carrying guns, bar brawls, raping women in bathrooms and killing people at super bowl parties in Atlanta that never got released and are now worshipped by the NFL and it’s fans.

  7. Groves didn’t hurt anyone other than himself. And if it makes him more determined to be successful…and to become a better person…so much the better.

  8. “something that many regard as a widespread practice at truck stops.”

    I didn’t know that…how did you know that?…

  9. Come on man, everyone gets horny even the female cop posing as an escort. I don’t know to much about Mr Groves BUT if he is married then shame on him.

  10. Even after all of this, the Owner of the team is in a hell of a lot worse situation. If Hasfelony doesn’t pay off enough people, he’ll be watching the Browns top 10 draft pick from the slammer.

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