Panthers GM fell head over heels for Lotulelei


When Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman saw Star Lotulelei’s name on the board, it was love at first sight.

“I mean, you know,” Gettleman said of the Utah defensive tackle. “It’s like when you guys met your wives, you knew, you knew.”

So even though the Panthers entered the weekend with the fewest picks in the league (five, along with the Saints and Bears), Gettleman was never tempted to trade down from 14th.

“No. Why not? . . . If I have a dollar, I’d rather have the dollar than the three dimes. That’s all there is to it,” Gettleman said. “There’s no, listen, when you trade back, you can think you’re smart, but there’s no guarantee, there are none. From my view, Star was too good to pass up. Why talk yourself out of somebody good, ‘Oh I’m going to be clever.’ The guy’s a player. He fits what we do. He’s very talented. He’s mature.

“And, it gives us the chance to really, I mean, you look historically at the Super Bowl Champions, and you show me one that’s had a bad defensive front. It doesn’t happen. I’m telling you, it does not happen. . . . And you know, in this league, I’ve seen it first-hand guys, I’ve seen what that does for you first-hand.”

The Panthers will station Lotulelei next to veteran defensive tackle Dwan Edwards (6.5 sacks last year), between double-digit sack ends Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy. While not as deep as the talented Giants lines Gettleman referred to, they’re certainly better up front on paper than they’ve been in years.

19 responses to “Panthers GM fell head over heels for Lotulelei

  1. Great pick Panthers!

    Lotulelei is compared to the Viking’s Kevin Williams. If he turns out to be half as good, it’ll be a great pick for you. Should be a stalwart on your DL for a decade.

  2. I think the Panthers improve and play pretty tough next season. I think this new GM is going to turn them around sooner than later.

  3. Gettleman appears to have a plan, and the courage of his convictions. You can’t say that for every NFL GM. Time will tell whether it’s a good plan or not.

  4. So happy we drafted Star instead of Shariff Floyd. I’m crossing my fingers that John Cyprien is available when we draft tonight because we need safety help badly!

  5. Dave only got into football after Gettleman’s Lame Oversused Cliches & Tired Crap Inc. went into receivership. He blamed it on the financial crisis a couple years back.

  6. @mrfoozball

    I agree…sadly. I think the NFC South seriously can contend with NFC West and AFC North as the toughest divisions in the league. Give or take two to three years but I could see the AFC South and AFC West finally becoming pretty competitive and a constant battle year-in and year-out. NFC North will also return to a pretty tough division–probably sooner than later–just depends on how Bears and Lions address needs in draft and FA this year and next year, and if the Vikings bold moves pay off and Ponder can actually get better and become a franchise QB.

  7. I’d rather have dollar than 3 dimes? Well duh. 3 Dimes would be like trading your first rounder for a 4th, 5th, and 6th.

    What if it’s a 1st, 3rd, and 4th coming in return?

    I will say that this pick seems solid, and can’t fault it. However, from a math standpoint it does make sense to accumulate picks if the offer is right and if you trust that your talent evaluators can do the job.

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