With Barkley and Nassib still on the board, Bucs take Glennon


Josh Freeman may need to start looking over his shoulder in Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers selected a quarterback in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft, taking North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon as potential competition for Freeman as the starting quarterback. Although it’s unlikely that Glennon will start as a rookie, Glennon is there if Freeman struggles and Bucs coach Greg Schiano decides to make a change.

It’s been a strange draft for the quarterback position, and this pick continues that trend: Not many people expected Glennon to go ahead of USC quarterback Matt Barkley or Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib, but he did.

Glennon is 6-foot-7 and is a classic strong-armed pocket passer, and he projects well to the kind of old-school, pro-style offense that the Bucs want to run. He’s a surprising pick, but he may just turn out to be a good pick.

49 responses to “With Barkley and Nassib still on the board, Bucs take Glennon

  1. WTH? Seriously? QB wasn’t really that important this year. Strongly disagree with this pick and a true Jerry Jones moment. Just dumb Dominick. Sorry but could have had this guy, Bray, Wilson or Dysart with their second 4th round pick. Still had Jenkins available at DT and still need a TE. At least the secondary should be a little better–but a solid DL helps the secondary be even more special and Tampa definitely needs a disruptive line, thus a solid DT and some kind of speed rush on the end. I just don’t trust Bowers/Clayborne to stay healthy enough.

  2. Whoa.

    I love Josh Freeman, but if Schiano wanted to give him competition, he got it.

  3. Joe Montana was picked in the third round. The difference is neither of these prospects are Joe Montana it is.

  4. I still don’t get the “Competition” argument. Ever notice how you only hear that from bad teams like the Jets?

    Bring a guy in and tell him he’s the guy. Look how much better Alex Smith did when he had someone tell him he’s the guy…well, until you get a concussion, anyway.

  5. Just W.T.F.

    What a wasted pick.

    This guy isn’t ready for prime time; hell, he wasn’t ready for the A-FREAKING-C-C!!!!

    He’s a taller interception machine than Josh Freeman and not a strong personality that can take a leadership role. We basically drafted Ryan Cryin’ Leaf.

    Damnit Dom, just when I was ready to push for a contract extension and support you to stay.

  6. Is anyone about ready to slit their wrists with how much time they are taking between the pics? The graphic keeps saying “pick is in” and then the blathering dunderheads prattle on and on for another 5 minutes before they announce it.

    Here’s a hint: No one, and I mean NO ONE, is watching the draft to hear Bill Polian wax nostalgic about his days in the Colts war room.

    Just give us the pics and move on!

  7. Too much talent not to take him if you’re looking at the QB crop though I like Nassib better. Nassib worked with a pro OC for four years & was catalyst in turning Syracuse around. The kid can battle…..great wonderlic score as well (41)

  8. What I like about this is the options it gives the Bucs. If Freeman has a big year, no need to give him a long-term deal, franchise him and see if he can do it again the next year. If he does you have your QB. If he doesn’t either this year or the next you can see what Glennon does. Obviously other positions are of need but this is a smart pick.

  9. I’m not real sure why Nassib’s “fall” should be shocking anyone. It’s been fairly clear for a long time that NFL teams place a heavy emphasis on arm strength and the tough intermediate passes when drafting QB’s. Nassib doesn’t excel in those areas. He’s, tools-wise, more in line with say, a Matt Schaub coming out (tend to think Schaub was a bit better, but it’s close), and 3rd/4th round makes a lot more sense for a guy like that.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t think Nassib won’t succeed. It’s just the realities of how NFL teams draft at QB.

  10. I thought that two–that the Bills could take two–but that could be risky and send the wrong message to Manuel. For better or worse, he is the one they are going to have to ride. I almost think I would of had Nassib or Barkley over Glennon–except USC QBs just don’t ever pan out. I think Tyler Wilson, Bray and Dysart all had more upside–IMO and would of been okay with TB taking one of them with one of the 4th round picks. I stand by my thoughts all along in this draft–secondary, secondary, DT/DE, TE and OL depth. Not sure what they can do with those four picks for tomorrow but hopefully that find some hidden gem for the DL and OL if nothing else. I think at this point that should be the focus going forward–possibly LB if Greene from Rutgers is still there–and just re-sign Clark for a year filler at TE. Maybe a second year in the system would be good for him and he did stay relatively healthy this past season–for a change.

    Then depending on how it all shakes out, maybe get the stud TE, DL and more secondary help in next year’s draft. While I think this secondary is going to be much improved, they still need another solid piece or two–IMO.

  11. @randallflagg52

    Exactly–I couldn’t recall a QB bigger than 6’6 ever being successful in the NFL. Just upset with this pick overall.

    I’m really surprised certain teams haven’t (probably will tomorrow with so many QBs being there) at least try to draft for depth–serviceable backups–with the ones left on the board. I could still possibly see NE drafting one of these kids and flipping Mallet to a team (like CLE) for a pick next year; Texans come to mind and even San Francisco and STL come to mind. Teams have to think that if it couldn’t hurt to try to land a steal/a gem here that could very well do good in clean up duty or in case of injury–similar to the Kaepernick/Smith issue this past season.

  12. Matt Barkley has Sanchez to thank for the stigma on USC QB’s.

    Sanchez continue to cost players and coaches money.

  13. I am a HUGE Bucs fan. I am a HUGE Mark Dominick fan. I LIVE in NC. I WENT to NC State U. Mike Glennon is AWFUL. Im very very upset at this pick. I only take solice that its a 3rd round pick and 3rd round qbs typically never get a real shot. He is backup material, but I dont even think he is that. I hope we ONLY took him to be a backup, and NEVER a starter. I all of a sudden find myself LOVING Freeman after this pick. Sometimes I guess it takes a little reminder like this to realize what you got. Freeman might not be amazing, but he is a veteran and I think he can win a championship with the right surroundings, like Flacco. I actually think he and Flacco are very very similar. Flacco has gotten more experience in the postseason and whatnot due to his team and is a very older.

  14. cmdrsmooth says: Apr 26, 2013 11:51 PM

    Matt Barkley has Sanchez to thank for the stigma on USC QB’s.

    Sanchez continue to cost players and coaches money.
    Don’t lay the blame on Sanchez alone. There’s Carcinoma Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Matt Cassel on the list, too.

  15. this guy is flacco v2.0. he can throw deep and he is very smart. i watch some games from him. he had very bad wr’s and te’s. look at all these dropped passes. not his fault. i like this pick a lot for the bucs. if anything goes wrong with freeman, glennon is ready. but he said he had no contact with the bucs the last days. thats odd.

  16. At this point Barkley is going to be a pretty damn good steal in the 4th for some team that will be able to have him sit and learn for a year or two. (If he goes in the 4th)

    He missed out on a lot of money because of some bad decisions on the field, but mainly due to a horrible head coach who made really really bad decisions…

    I think this will humble him and he will have a major chip on his shoulder and come out the other end a winner.

    Glennon over him is a laugh in every sense of the word.

  17. Smart move. Freeman can’t even read the field when they play allows him to only look at half of it. He is also grossly inaccurate.

  18. Why does the media try to turn every qb pick into more than it is? They drafted him to be a backup if they develop him he becomes a possible asset to trade or if freeman gets hurt. The qb’s had to go somewhere

  19. Buc fans ready to realize Dominic is clueless yet?

    Glennon was terrible at nC State, a huge step down from Russ Wilson. And people comparing him to Roethlisberger or Flacco, you sound stupid as when people compare every black QB.

    They couldn’t be further apart in ability coming out of college.

  20. I’ve always thought it was smart to draft QB’s even when you have a quality starter in 2-3. Best case scenario, we have a QB with huge trade value if he’s developed well behind Freeman and Freeman takes us to the promise land. Worse case scenario, we just picked a pocket QB with the talent to make all the throws, but lacks the “it” factor kind of like Freeman up to now. This coming from a huge Freeman fan, think he has more than enough talent to win a SuperBowl. If he can’t hand’e the competition from behind we have the wrong guy.

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