Jaguars draft Denard Robinson in Round Five


The Jaguars added one of college football’s most notable playmakers in recent years in Round Five, selecting Michigan’s Denard Robinson.

On Twitter, the Jaguars announced Robinson as a running back, and per Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, the team intends to play him at tailback and have him return kicks.

Robinson (5-10, 199) had a decorated career at quarterback for the Wolverines but worked out at wide receiver in the pre-draft process. Robinson’s passing ability adds to his value, as it must be taken into account by defenses. He also gives the Jaguars an emergency quarterback.

Robinson’s running ability, however, is especially intriguing. He racked up 4,495 yards on the ground in four seasons at Michigan. It’s plainly obvious he could be dangerous with the ball in space on the pro level. Now, the Jaguars apparently will see how he fares as a full-time tailback — a position where the Jaguars could use some depth behind Maurice Jones-Drew.

20 responses to “Jaguars draft Denard Robinson in Round Five

  1. Enough evidence to call this guy a RB on the Jaguars. He will be behind MJD and Justin Forsett, can return kicks, can throw if needed, can play slot if needed – I love this pick. Great value for a 5th rounder.

  2. Decent pick by the Jags at a fair slot in the draft. They need as many playmakers they can get their hands on. Interested in seeing how the Jags impliment him into their offense with reverses and things of that nature.

  3. The last time the Jags drafted a WR/RB/QB type, it was a smashing failure. This time, they got a better athlete with a much lower pick. This kid can play, the question is where he’ll fit in. He’s probably best used as a Slash type; people forget how good Kordell Stewart was in that role years ago (before he became a less good full-time QB).

  4. Love it for the jags. For whoever wins the starting QB job this season and whoever they draft at the top next season, they’re building a great environment on offense to succeed. With Blackmon and Shorts on the outside, Lewis at TE, probably the best pass protecting tackle tandem in the league behind SF with Monroe/Joeckel, and now Robinson who will probably line up all over the place. Don’t forget this is a round after adding Ace Sanders who is quick as a cat out of the slot and didn’t drop a single pass last season. Whoever is playing QB is going to have to try really hard to be as bad as Gabbert and Henne were last season…even Gabbert and Henne.

  5. Jags have had a good draft and are still adding value in the later rounds. It would be nice to see them be competitive in that div instead if always being the door mat

  6. “Robinson’s passing ability adds to his value, as it must be taken into account by defenses. ”

    LOL — spoken by someone who never watched him pass, apparently. There’s a reason he didn’t enter the draft (or even go to the Combine) as a QB.

  7. Sanders is 5-7 and ran a 4.6 40. All of his Combine numbers were among the worst at his position. At best he is a PR. Robinson is a guy who isn’t good enough at any single position to see the field. How does that help Gabbert?

  8. Denard is incredibly overrated. A lot of this has to do with the national sports media’s obsession with the University of Michigan. I’m happy for him that he got drafted but it seems like kind of a wasted pick. He’s obviously not going to play quarterback and he only has 2 or 3 games worth of college experience at receiver. A lot of theses other guys have been playing the position since middle school or high school so he’s already way behind the curve. He’s also a really small guy whose body probably won’t hold up real well in the NFL.

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