Tharold Simon goes to Seahawks two days after arrest


When former LSU cornerback Tharold Simon was arrested on Thursday night, we wondered if it would wind up causing him to slip in the draft.

If it did, it didn’t cause him to slip that much. Simon was pegged as a mid-round pick during the pre-draft scouting process and that’s just where he wound up going. The Seahawks selected Simon with the fifth pick of the fifth round on Saturday afternoon.

Simon was charged with public intimidation, resisting an officer and unnecessary noise violation by police in Eunice, Louisiana on Thursday. His agent told PFT that there were “20 witnesses” who say Simon did nothing wrong during the incident with police that led to his arrest and said that Simon is contemplating a lawsuit against the Eunice police department for violating his civil rights.

Simon won’t be called on to play much right away in a secondary that already has Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner and Antoine Winfield at corner. The Seahawks have had good luck with recent fifth-round defensive backs, selecting both Sherman and safety Kam Chancellor in that round since Pete Carroll became the team’s coach in 2010.

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  1. I heard the conference call with Simon and the Seattle media and it was quite interesting. What we didn’t know before was that the incident with the police happened in his driveway. He also said that the radio was already set to “on” when he started the car. The “aggressive” backup move was him backing further into the driveway. This whole thing is sounding more and more like an overly heavy-handed officer hating on a kid who is getting a “dream job”.

  2. There was a crowd at his house before the law showed up, so the number of witnesses is not surprising.

  3. Yep. He should fit RIGHT in with that group of rule breakers. Lol. He is a 4-game suspension waiting to happen.

  4. I really like how Seattle’s draft came together. At first I was like RB?? But watching the rest of the draft unfold I really liked it especially at DT/CB. I guess Seattle doesn’t see a problem at RT and besides the penalties that stopped for unnecessary roughness I don’t see a big problem either.

  5. 49er fans coming through to try clown character of players here. 49ers have two accused sexual offenders on the roster. Larry Grant just got suspended 4 games for steroids. Better hope they don’t test anyone else

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