Nate Montana will try out for 49ers


Duron Carter won’t be the only son of a Pro Football Hall of Famer trying out for a spot his dad’s old team in the coming weeks.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that quarterback Nate Montana will try out for the 49ers at their rookie minicamp May 10-12 in hopes of earning a roster spot on the team that won four Super Bowls with his father Joe under center. Montana tried to follow in his father’s footsteps at Notre Dame, but that didn’t work out all that well and Montana bounced through three different schools during his college career.

He worked out for the Niners along with other players from the surrounding area shortly before the draft and Montana’s agent told Barrows that he’s trying to line up another tryout with a team holding their rookie minicamp this weekend.

“A couple of teams have asked about him,” Marty Magid said. “We’ll find out this week.”

Montana won’t be the only roster hopeful with family ties to the Niners. Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group reports that Andre Davis, the older brother of tackle Anthony Davis, will try out for the team after finishing his career as a defensive end at NAIA school Kentucky Christian.

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  1. A close up picture of him is almost creepy considering how much he looks like Joe. It’s nice courtesy the 49ers are giving to him. Then again his dad was backup too in college for most of his career and that worked out pretty well.

  2. “A couple of teams have asked about him,” Marty Magid said. “We’ll find out this week.”

    I assume that’s his agent speaking agent. There should be an official language built around lawyers and agents trying to be positive without disclosing anything like, you know, facts.

  3. God forbid the sons (and in some businesses, the daughters) of famous and/or rich people should ever make it or not based on ability and production, not their illustrious ancestor.

    I’ve met the kids of a lot of famous people. The only one who was ever really down-to-earth and honest about getting his chances based on Daddy’s accomplishments alone was Pete Rose Jr., who really wasn’t a bad ballplayer but not that great.

  4. Love me some Joe Cool but I think even Mike Iupati would smoke Nate in a qb competition. Nice to throw his kid a bone but thats as far as this will go

  5. I’m stunned at how many colleges Nate Montana and Duron Carter went through. Montana sounds like a big time diva who’s head is bigger than his “talent”. Carter was just straight up intellectually challenged. How in the heck can you actually flunk out of OSU and Alabama???

  6. Joe Montana is part of a group trying to build a hotel/shopping complex across from the new stadium. This is probably the team’s way of an olive branch (he’s still hurt from being traded by Walsh to KC)

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