As expected, Tim Tebow clears waivers


Tim Tebow is officially an unrestricted free agent.

As expected, all 31 other teams took a pass on Tebow after the Jets put him through the NFL’s waiver system, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. As a result, Tebow is now free to sign with any team.

The problem for Tebow is, it’s unclear whether any team wants him, even if he’s willing to take a minimum-salary contract. He’s now free to reach out to teams and start trying to convince somebody to give him a shot, but that doesn’t mean anyone will.

And so Tebow’s options may be playing for the Omaha Beef or competing to be a backup on the Montreal Alouettes.

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  1. Will the NFL continue its fraud upon Tebow and get yet another team to sign him and bench him?


  2. Jaguars have no quarterback. why not pick him up?
    unless they like TD/INT ratios to be almost 1:1

  3. I like Tebow but did this come as a surprise to anyone? whether you like it or not Tebow inadvertently brings a huge presence to a team that is not wanted. He’s a backup QB right now, period. If I were him I’d go play two years in Canada where they focus on the pass and then come back and see what he can do in the NFL

  4. Two contrasting figures of religious athletes. Ray Lewis and Tim Tebow. One killed two one killed none. One is loved and one is hated. Yup a world turned upside down?

  5. NOBODY CARES!! Go learn how to be a QB or make Rudy II, this time about a running back turned no-talent QB who was amazing in college but couldn’t cut it in the NFL……

  6. I could almost guarantee you he won’t be playing for any of the pedestrian football leagues. He could make much more and probably be happier as an analyst on one of the networks or simply traveling and speaking around the country. He has enough of a following to do either and be successful.

  7. At this point I think Tebow has 2 options. He can insist on playing QB and end up playing for no NFL team, or he can be willing to drop the QB label and just be a football player, and maybe get a shot. I have been one of the “Tebow cant play QB” people, but I am also one of the “Tebow is a football player” people. He can help a team, he has talent, but his talent isnt throwing the ball, just saying

  8. Tebow gets the last laugh in all of this. His brain won’t be jelly at age 60, he has enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, and can take his pick of analyst gigs.

  9. tebow has a 75 dollar per game offer from the Omaha beef of the arena league that’s a bit of a drop off he might be h back material who knows what he isn’t is easier to see he isn’t an nfl quarterback the sooner he admits it and accepts a position offered the better, or he wont be back that is of course my opinion

  10. Nofoolnodrool says: Apr 30, 2013 5:01 PM

    Two contrasting figures of religious athletes. Ray Lewis and Tim Tebow. One killed two one killed none. One is loved and one is hated. Yup a world turned upside down?


    normally, I’d be inclined to agree.

    ‘cept one just won yet another superbowl, and the other couldn’t beat out the butt fumble QB for a starting job.

    when it comes to football – winning pretty much takes care of everything.


  11. ibreathefootball says:
    Apr 30, 2013 5:01 PM
    I don’t understand the hate, the guy did something Peyton Manning has yet to do in Denver. Win a PLAYOFF game!!!!

    No, the runnning game and defense won that playoff game. He just happen to hit a wide open receiver (not in stride, mind you) who didn’t have anyone within 20 yards of him because they blew coverage.

    You’re not a hero for putting out a fire that you started. Such is the career of Tim Tebow.

  12. Everyone lives Tebow except as a QB. Until he realizes he isn’t a NFL QB i doubt ant of the top 25 teams will even consider him. He could be the next Slash, and as we all remember moving to full time QB killed Stewerts career. Give him a shot at FB/HB or TE and let him work on his QB skills on his own time.

  13. Patriot42 says: Apr 30, 2013 5:06 PM

    I believe the Pats will sign him and convince Tebow to play TE/FB.
    Yeah, BB is a football idiot. He’d definitely keep gronk/hernandez on the sideline so tebow feels wanted. Also, they don’t use a FB.

  14. Just give up football and become a full time missionary. That’s what God would really want him to do.

  15. Like PIIS314 just staed, the Bronco’s paid how much for Manning and he LOST the home playoff game for the Broncos.

    Tim won his home playoff game, only had to touch the ball ONCE in OT.

    I’m no Tebow fan, I absolutely LOATHED him in college as he got Brett Favre level attention, but you cannot overlook the fact that he wins.

    The fantasy football league folks LOVE players like Manning. Who wouldn’t has he has great stats? Those stats hide the fact that he is a terrible leader and chokes in the playoffs.

    Tim is easily the QB equal of players like Ponder, Freeman, Palmer, Campbell, or Sanchez. The only difference is that they’ve had more time reading/knowing the NFL level defenses.

    Put that time into Tim, along wiht his leadership and athletic ability and there will be success.

    Now can he quit running his goody two shoes yap about God all the time?

  16. I love how idiots keep pulling the “he’s not news!” card—Heisman trophy, 1st round pick, QB rating right next to Andrew Luck, & his last two games as a starter WERE PLAYOFF GAMES. If you think he’s not news, you’re agreeing that the Jets know what they’re doing…

  17. Manning didn’t single handedly LOSE any playoff games more than Tim Tebow single handedly WON them. 22 starters in every game not including special teams, it’s not ALL about the QB as much as the media like to make it seem that way.

    His completion rate was what? 47%? For a guy that throws like 8 times a game that sucks.

  18. Again: Go to wikiPedia and read about Tim Tebow’s college records. I am not a Tebow fanatic, but how is it that this guy who wins National Championships, Wins the Heisman Trophy as a Sophmore! , Ran for more TD’s in college as a QB than anyone in history, Including running backs such as Emmitt Smith and Marshall Faulk. Recorded the second highest passing efficiency rating 178 in college. In college threw 88 touchdowns versus only 15 interceptions! While at the same rushed for almost 3000 yds!!……

    How is it that this guy, cannot be groomed into a NFL QB??

    He has work a great work ethic, Zero off-field issues, is a team player and not a big mouth always in trouble with drugs or the law and he hasn’t killed anybody or dogs that we know of!

    How is it that this guy cannot be taught??? I mean how hard is football really?? We’ve all played it, is it really all that difficult?? Its not rocket science despite terms like “Read Offense”
    Its a simple game, and one of the greatest college QB’s ever, with a winning record wherever he goes can’t be valuable somewhere???

    It just doesn’t make any sense…..

  19. Honestly,

    Redskins, Seahawks, 49ers, and even the Titans could benefit from having Tebow as a backup QB.

    If he had been in Washington last year in their last quarter of football, who knows what could have happened?

  20. the way cutler gets a splinter or trips and falls only to miss 4-6 games, we could use him in chicago. Hell he cant be any worse than Josh Mcclown and well lets just call him “other guy”. ijs why not sign him for the low @ least he can complete an occasional pass and if need be pick up positive yards with his legs

  21. 9 of 26 for 136 yards with one lost fumble and no TDs. That is St. Timmy’s line against the Patriots the week after the Broncos needed overtime to defeat an injury decimated Steeler club.

    Oh yeah, sign me up for some of that.

  22. If he goes to the CFL, he’ll get traded and become the starter for either the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the Ottawa Rough Riders.

    If he goes to Saskatchewan, he’ll have to focus on something other than Regina.

  23. Personally I think the best and only place for Tebow is Green Bay.
    He’d be able to sit behind Aaron Rodgers, and keep the attention away from him by staying in a small town enviorment where he can learn instead of being a distraction or distracted.
    From what I understand Green Bay has a amazing Quarterback camp.

    In a truly unbias opinion, I think in Green Bay he might thrive… or bust. Then we would know.

  24. >>I don’t understand the hate, the guy did something Peyton Manning has yet to do in Denver. Win a PLAYOFF game!!!!<<


    Peyton Manning sucks compared to Tim Tebow!

    Tim won a playoff game in Denver. Peyton didn't. Tebow is obviously the superior QB. Why won't everyone just admit it? Tebow won a playoff game there; Peyton didn't.

    Enough said.

    ~ Signed: Tim Tebow, not NFL, fan.

  25. A 2 time Heisman trophy winning champion who could retire from football tomorrow with a big salary and very many followers is a loser?….. gain some perspective guys. Lol

  26. steelbreeze676 says: Apr 30, 2013 6:20 PM

    His completion rate was what? 47%? For a guy that throws like 8 times a game that sucks.

    He actually averaged 24 attempts (271 attempts in 11 starts), but don’t let facts get in the way of your hate. His completion % was low, but you leave out that he had a 2:1 TD/INT ratio and had a not-too-shabby rating of 72.9. For comparison, Sanchez had a rating of 66.8 last year. Tebow deserves a backup job somewhere, but he won’t get it because of the sideshow that follows him.

  27. He should put on his résumé: “Beat the stuffing out of the Steelers.”

    Of course, nowadays, that doesn’t mean much.

  28. Your telling me the Jets didn’t pick him up on waivers just to keep the Patriots from picking him up?

  29. Timberrrrrrrrrr!

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    Only in Omaha, apparently.

  30. It just doesn’t make any sense…..

    He’s unconventional, and there may be another issue that makes a Godless society uncomfortable.

    But yeah, shouldn’t the guy actually be allowed to fail for one season before he’s buried?

  31. Why don’t we see an improvement in his mechanics and fundamentals?

    I’m neutral on the Tebow issue but this is a good question? After spending a few years in the NFL, every QB should improve one area of their game.

    You would think that as hard as he trains and prepares that he would have made strides in reading defenses and accuracy.

    Granted the JETS experiment was not the best situation to get better as QB. What else is he doing to improve?!?

  32. …go play two years in Canada where they focus on the pass and then come back and see what he can do in the NFL…
    Really? He should be in a world that depends
    on the pass?? I’m trying to think of an analogy
    that is THAT silly, but it’s really hard! How about Shaq going off and becoming a jockey for 2 years?
    No…that’s not quite as ridiculous as TT living by
    the pass. Rex Ryan at a monastery with a solemn vow of silence? Ricky Williams as narc?

  33. TheWizard says:

    He’s unconventional, and there may be another issue that makes a Godless society uncomfortable.


    Being “godless” is something every human being should strive for. Try it sometime – the truth shall set you free.

  34. Is it just me or were there 22 players on the Denver team that contributed to the team that year?

  35. mlenenski says: Apr 30, 2013 6:26 PM


    Redskins, Seahawks, 49ers, and even the Titans could benefit from having Tebow as a backup QB.

    If he had been in Washington last year in their last quarter of football, who knows what could have happened?
    Uh, don’t embarrass yourself. The Redskins already had a backup QB sitting on the bench during their last three quarters of football who would have won last year’s playoff game for them. The problem was that the head coach let himself get talked into not using that backup QB until it was too late.

  36. Another day, another gratituous shot at Rex Grossman. Rexy’s been in the league for 10 years, won numerous awards and quarterbacked a team to the SuperBowl. Tebow can only hope and pray that one day he will be as successful as Grossman.

  37. Sanchez, Kolb, Fitzpatrick, Stanton, Carr, Garrard, Weeden…Tebow, one year removed from a playoff run, isn’t as good or better than any of these clowns?

    The so-called “media circus”…so what, exactly, did Tebow do in 2012 that “distracted” the Jests in any way? He handled a terrible situation quietly and with class. How come Ray Lewis’ bizarre blend of psychotic behavior and non-stop preaching is acceptable yet Tebow’s personal beliefs are intolerable?

    Tebow did indeed win exactly one more playoff game than Peyton did with nearly the exact same squad Manning had. Nope, doesn’t mean TT is “better than” Peyton Manning by any means. But it DOES prove that he’s not the totally inept boob the so-called “experts” want to believe he is. Cannot believe that not a single NFL team has a spot for a real leader and proven winner like TT.

  38. nobody wants his fan base and passive aggressive
    attitude toward the incumbent Qb

    part about the fan base may be true.but the meaning of the second part is (workplace sabotaging of the team or players productivity),
    so i guess Tebow was talking to much about God and that made Sanchez nervous and less focused on WINNING, HA HA

  39. I enjoy how it is so easy to poke fun at white christian males in the media. Not worried about responses, because you know its true. PC safe zone.

  40. I think it’s funny that all of the Tebow cult members think that everyone in each of the 32 NFL personnel departments is godless.

    Maybe it’s not his religion that’s hurting his career.

  41. One thing myself and cuda have in common is we both think Rex grossman gets a bad rap. However our views of tebow couldn’t be any further apart. Anybody who still says the defense and running game lead Denver to the playoffs is an ass. Are we talking about the defense that was non existent the first five games of the year, or the defense that gave up 40 over five times that year. Oh and the running game, you mean the running game that tebow helped lead the league, because it wasn’t before he took over. I’ve said this before, the reason some people go over board in their defense of tebow is because some of the critics go over board in their criticism of him. You can’t deny that the team, the team played better with him at qb. He doesn’t deserve all of the credit but damn give him his due for making plays when his team needed them. I agree with skip bayless on these terms, tebow would never be an all pro, his numbers won’t always look great but the guy can win games. Most of you judge him on his first season as a starter and he didn’t get a full season anyway. How many qbs are great in their first season, some, a few. Why should he be judged any different. If your first year starter lead your team to the playoffs you’d be thrilled.

  42. It’s getting way too easy to spot all the hard core “born-againers” who are convinced that there must be some sort of anti-Christian conspiracy towards Tim Tebow.

    Tim Tebow, by all accounts, is a fine young man. The kind of young man you would probably want your daughter to bring home. Unfortunately, he is also saddled with poor accuracy and a slow, awkward delivery. The reports from New Yoek last season were that Tebow was so bad in practice, that the Jets coaching staff didn’t believe the could afford to put him in. Given the kind of performance that Sanchez had, that stance speaks rather loudly.

    Look, there appear to be two sides to this argument.
    1. Tim Tebow is a player with some sizable flaws and limitations in his game that he has yet to correct. He brings with him a media presence that most football organizations would view as a major distraction, particularly for a back-up player.
    2. Tim Tebow is being persecuted by every football organization in the NFL for his beliefs. Why can’t every coach, scout, and personnel director in the league see what an amazing QB he is?

    Pick a side.

  43. Jacksonville Jaguars should sign Tim Tebow hire a pistol offensive coordinator and design an offense that suits Tebow’s skills. Hold a press conference and declare him the new starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m not convinced of his quarterback skills at the NFL level, but Jacksonville should give him a chance. OK, here’s why. I live near Orlando Florida and I don’t know a single Jaguar fan….not ONE! Jacksonville needs to develop a fan base. They suck and going to suck again next year. Vegas has them projected to have the first draft pick again next year. With Tebow, Jacksonville will be on all the ESPN shows. A buzz will be around the Jaguars organization and they can grow their fan base. Give Timmy 2 years. No one expects Jacksonville to be a playoff contender in the next 2 years anyways much less playing in the super bowl. Draft players for the future (3 year plan) and embrace the Tebow timsanity. What’s the worse that could happen? Does anyone think Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne is the answer or for that matter be the Jacksonville quarterback in 2015 leading them into the playoffs?

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