Lions expect Darius Slay to participate at minicamp


PFT broke word last week that cornerback Darius Slay tore the meniscus in his knee during his pro day workout for NFL teams.

The injury didn’t stop the Lions from drafting him 36th overall on Friday and the team doesn’t expect Slay to miss any time as a result of it either. General Manager Martin Mayhew said that he expects Slay to participate in the team’s rookie minicamp at the end of next week. Slay didn’t confirm that he’ll be working fully, but he did offer some details about how little the injury has limited him.

“Right now, I’ve had like two individual workouts after my meniscus,” Slay said, via Anwar Richardson of “So, I mean, I feel pretty good. I feel fluent. I’m moving good when I turn, no problem. I feel pretty healthy right now.”

Meniscus tears are not generally considered major injuries by themselves, but they can be a step on the road to future knee issues that can be more serious. For now, though, it seems Slay is healthy enough to start making his bid for a big role in the Lions secondary right off the bat.

8 responses to “Lions expect Darius Slay to participate at minicamp

  1. As a Lions fan, he better be there. If we spent another 2nd round pick on a player, especially a DB, who ends up injured, I’ll be super pissed.

  2. Hey, you left the part out where he was checked out by doctors (you know, the professionals that offer opinions on this kinda stuff) and was actually cleared to do a couple more workouts for other teams……..this was AFTER they discovered the slight injury. What’s that tell you???

    JOSH ALPER: I’m confused about how the quote from Slay about doing other workouts after the injury constitutes leaving out the part about Slay doing other workouts after the injury.

  3. FLUENT:


    a : capable of flowing : fluid

    b : capable of moving with ease and grace

    Turn your badge in to the nearest Grammar Police Headquarters immediately

  4. I said last season Mississippi State had one of (if not the) best CB duos in college football.. it doesn’t sound so crazy now, even to me.

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