Tony Casillas: “I know I played with homosexual players”

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Former NFL defensive lineman Tony Casillas, who announced the Cowboys’ second-round pick during this past weekend’s draft, has added his two cents regarding the ongoing debate and discussion regarding gay players in the NFL.

I know I played with homosexual players,” Casillas told New School on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Casillas, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, believes that the recent decision from NBA center Jason Collins to acknowledge his orientation could have a “domino effect” in sports.  While Casillas named no names, his comments suggested that players in the 1990s knew and didn’t care about other players being gay.

Casillas also thinks that a gay player who comes out could see his own performance improve, because it will result in a “weight that’s lifted off his shoulders.”

He explained multiple times that it’s just no big deal.  “There’s a lot more dysfunctional things that go on in that locker room than a guy being gay,” Casillas said.

Given that Casillas played for the notorious 1990s Cowboys, whom Casillas said in February used horse steroids, it’s difficult to disagree with him.

24 responses to “Tony Casillas: “I know I played with homosexual players”

  1. I’m not gonna freak out and say it was Troy Aikman like everybody is thinking.

    But it was Troy Aikman.

  2. The quicker players come out, the quicker this story goes away. People will realize gay people are just like everyone else, they’re just attracted to people of the same sex.

  3. Given that Casillas played for the notorious 1990s Cowboys, whom Casillas said in February used horse steroids, it’s difficult to disagree with him.

    lol…what does that even mean?

  4. Quit shoving gay articles in our face and maybe we will forget about it and it will be a non issue. They want it to not be a big deal but they make it one? So annoying. Just shut up and play football

  5. Fascinating … Tony Casillas just called being gay “dysfunctional.”

    And no one is flaming him in response.

  6. Its funny people still say this about Aikman. Just because some journalist wanted to write a book and sell copies of it he floats this bogus rumor.

    Aikman was married for 10 years, has dated some very hot women, and has 2 daughters. Doesn’t sound like he is Gay to me.

    Especially when the source of this bogus rumor is someone named Skip.

  7. I’m going to hold a press conference today and let the world know I’m straight. Think Obama will call me and tell me he’s proud of me and ESPN will rub it in your faces and sports pages will write 30 different things about it because it’s so God damn important??

  8. As an aside, this is the greatest blog day for a Giants’ fan.

    Lets’ recap:

    1) Jets – Geno Smith proves he fits right in with the circus firing his agents for not securing him as no.1 overall pick.

    2) Skins renamed the Sugartails. ha.

    3) Eagles coach calling out his o-line. Might as well called them “teabags” also.

    4) Now the Cowboys and what we’ve all thought all along.

  9. For the last time, we don’t care! It’s like telling me the guy who fixed my air condition is gay.

    Casillas, the point is not that there have been gay players in the past. We kind of figured that based on the odds. But now in 2013, you better say you are OK with that lifestyle it or you will be called a lot of nasty names.

  10. nobody is hammering him on the comment because it is (imagine that in bold and in all caps) dysfunctional.

  11. People pointing fingers at any player they stereotype as gay, is a big reason in sports history why people are so easily riled up about being judged and get all defensive about it. Grow up.

  12. Well, he for sure did when he played against the Vikes anytime between 1992-1996 because he would have played against Esera. Seriously, can 2 or 3 just come out already and end this? If they can play football, nobody is going to care. What if it were AD? Think anybody would think less of him? No, they wouldn’t.

  13. “dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Apr 30, 2013 4:00 PM For the last time, we don’t care! It’s like telling me the guy who fixed my air condition is gay. ”

    Clearly enough people care because it’s a national, political, and religious issue. When you have national broadcasters like Chris Broussard using religion as a shield to hide behind when espousing bigoty and intolerance, it’s an issue worth talking about. When a PRESIDENTIAL candidate states unequivocally that he’s against gay marriage, and by default gays, it’s a major issue. When prominent religious leaders and televangelists quote from the Bible that gays should be put to death (Leviticus 20:13), it’s a major issue. When major influential Conservative and far right wing talk shows bash gays, it’s an issue.

    When sports stars come out in support of gays and gay teammates to show the bigos that their intolerance is wrong, then it’s worth talking about.

  14. @granadafan

    You speaks as though gays are being persecuted in our country. I don’t believe anyone is stopping them from living their lifestyle in our free country.

    My point is gays are our neighbors, coworkers and teamamtes and have been for many years. It’s not new. For the most part, as Castillas points out, it hasn’t been a big deal. There will always be exteme views on both sides of this issues.

    But there simply is no crisis here. In my view, it feels more like a bigger agenda to legitimize an alternative lifestyle that many choose not to condone and they should be free to have that point of view. Even if it is based on religion or morals.

    I would fight to defend any person’s lifestyle choice in our free country. Even if I don’t agree with it. But views that see it as wrong must be defended as well. Not attacked and made to feel like bigots. Inclusiveness and acceptance goes both ways.

    Now get back to sports. Good grief.

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