Jaguars “love what they’ve seen” from Joeckel at right tackle


Getting passed over with the first overall pick is something Luke Joeckel says he’ll remember “every single day,” but it isn’t the only thing he has on his plate right now.

Joeckel is also moving to right tackle for the Jaguars after playing left tackle during his career at Texas A&M. That transition got rolling this weekend at Jacksonville’s minicamp and Joeckel said that it he’s feeling more comfortable than anticipated after a couple of days in his new gig.

“It’s feeling a lot better than I thought it would,” Joeckel said, via the Associated Press. “My set felt a lot cleaner today and my first step felt a little bit faster today. It’s going to be a process, but it’s moving along pretty well.”

Head coach Gus Bradley said he thought Joeckel was “right on track” in his move to the other side of the offensive line. Offensive line coach George Yarno was more effusive with his review of Joeckel’s work thus far.

“He has excellent movement skills, great balance, he’s a very smart kid. He’s working hard. He’s going to get better fast. He’s competitive. Love what I’ve seen so far,” Yarno said. “He’s so smooth, a fluid mover. He has great, natural balance. His lower body has a lot of power in it. He has a low center of gravity. He has all those things you look for in a tackle, especially. I’m really excited to get to work with him.”

All reports from practices held in May with tryout players in the mix must be taken with a rather large grain of salt, but it’s certainly better to get a positive one when the second overall pick of the draft is involved. And it’s not like Joeckel is learning something completely new nor is it a demotion. As the Jaguars’ analytics showed, getting strong blocking from the right tackle should have a significant positive impact on the team’s passing game.

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  1. three teams in florida but floridians still can’t celebrate a super bowl berth. I’m a diehard skins fan but all my neighbors are either jags/fins/bucs fans. I’d love for one of those teams to give the friends a reason to be excited.

  2. What were the Chiefs thinking? Joeckel was All Freshman LT, All BIG 12 LT as a soph, All SEC, All American, and Outland Trophy winner as a junior. Fisher didn’t even start at LT until his junior season and the best he could manage was Third Team All MAC.

    Luke has had to most impressive college career prior to turning 21 of any OL going back to Boselli. At least. Jake Long didn’t get his first start at LT until he was the age Luke is now. Still went first overall in the draft.

  3. Using the #2 overall pick on a right tackle is not smart. If they thought Eugene Monroe was good enough to stay at left tackle, they should have taken someone else.

  4. The real story is how invested the Jags are in using analytics: data-driven film breakdown and “sabermetric”-style value measurements.

    I think it’s a smart move for them. The best way to succeed in a small market that lacks tradition and appeal to free agents is to find more efficient ways to identify and assess talent/scheme, etc. It’s worked for the NBA’s Spurs, and MLB’s Rays.

    Of course, Blaine Gabbert is almost certainly not going to allow them similar success, but that fix can come next year.

  5. Joeckel was the most polished NFL ready and deserved to be #1. Fisher in my opinion unjustly went first. His overall college play didn’t warrant it and he got there by having a great Senior Bowl game and being a combine freak. Lane Johnson picked 4th has the physical tools to end up the best of the group but not this year.

  6. I bet Joekel also remembers that the Chiefs passed him over him too; they took Branden Albert ahead of him. Joekel might know that traditionally LTs make more money and his being on the RT side could conflict with that for the long-term on his 2nd contract. Fortunately Joekel and his memory will probably bring up at that time how the Jags use advanced stats to determine that the RT is more than the average perception and that they owe him a premium despite his being listed as an RT at that time.

  7. I agree with swagjag, something’s up with all the “positive” stories coming out of Jacksonville… I’m sure most other teams could be making the same observations about their draft picks and players, so what’s the motive behind them being in the news so much these days?

  8. Though I agree that using the 2nd pick in the draft on a RT is a HUGE mistake, I don’t think he will be there very long. That being said, I understand that the Jags want him to start on the right, by next year, when Monroe is gone he will move to the left. I think the mistake is not putting Joeckel on the left to start is not only going to inhibit his growth on the left side, but they are allowing Monroe to showcase his ability to continue to play on the left side, maximizing his pay day next year, making it that much more expensive for Jacksonville to keep him next year.

    Since Jax doesn’t have a QB that they are going to have long term, I would have started Joeckel on the left, and let Monroe play on the right.

    Better long term for the financial reasons.

  9. I think its hard to go wrong with Joekel or Fisher. I too would have taken Joekel over Fisher ONLY due to the competition Joekel saw every week in a better conference. That doesn’t mean Fisher isn’t as good or better, just less games to truly judge his performance on.

    I understand Fisher playing RT with Albert at LT, but Joekel being moved to RT doesn’t make nearly the sense.

  10. I think both joekel and fisher are going to be beasts, but the chiefs shouldve took joekel and the jags should’ve took Jordan or one of the top DE’s. They havnt been able to pressure the qb in years!! Change it up a bit!! monroe Mjd and that offence is closer to being good then that defence!! But hey, can’t go wrong with 2 all pro OL.

  11. Does nobody remember how in the hours leading up to the draft essentially every GM was reportedly saying how poor this draft class was and then all the sudden they’ve drafted and all of those same GM’s can’t stop glowing about how phenomenal and awesome their class was.

    Granted, I will say those top two Jags picks are pretty good and I think they’ll be good for a long time.

  12. Dont start Luke at RT! RAIDERS did that same mistake with Gallery. He played 2yrs at RT then got switched to LT. He only spent ONE season at LT before being moved to guard. Switching positions stunts players growth and having to re-learn a new position could be disatorous. Having a player switch positions ISNT good. Make Monroe go to RT.

  13. Give you some idea of how advanced Luke is, Matt Kalil didn’t start his first college game at LT until he was 21. Won no awards that first season, either.

  14. And so it begins, the next 6 weeks will be filled with stories about how amazing every draft pick looks in shorts at the various mini camps. We’ll have stories about how every pick looks like reincarnations of previous greats from the franchise that drafted them, we’ll have Mike Shanahan saying that some random rookie running back reminds him exactly of Terrell Davis etc, happens every year.

    Here’s the thing to remember, they’re in shorts, doing drills where there will be very little, if any, contact and most veterans will be going half speed because it’s mini camp. Let’s wait until training camp and preseason games start before we start even think about talking about how impressive any rookie looks.

  15. I’m not maligning the intelligence of the big guys, because NFL line play is sophisticated, no question. But their primary attribute is physical. Were I to spend such a high draft pick on a lineman, I would look for him to stretch his intelligence by learning all line positions, so when injury’s occur at critical times they have a plug and play replacement while the subs blend in. Maximum utilization could command maximum pay, and become much more valuable than just a great left tackle.

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