PFT Live: How will the Jets handle Geno Smith?

New York Jets beat writer Manish Mehta joins Mike Florio to discuss the negative stories surrounding QB Geno Smith. Mehta believes Smith isn’t quite ready to be a leader yet based off of the problems he had during the pre-draft interview process.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: How will the Jets handle Geno Smith?

  1. How will the Jets handle Geno Smith?

    Badly. They’re the Jets.

    Now can we have a moratorium on articles on a second-round pick of a truly bad team?

  2. Gotta love those who complain about Jets-related issues, yet come back time and again.
    And again.
    What a self-esteem builder for some.
    A daily recitation of the Jets, Sanchez, circus, etc.

    Solution is easy.
    Pick a team you’ll be rooting for this season and participate there.

    Betcha can’t.

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