Armonty Bryant pleads no contest in DUI case


Browns defensive end Armonty Bryant pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor DUI charges brought against him in Oklahoma on Tuesday.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Bryant received a one-year deferred sentence in return for his plea. Bryant was arrested on Friday and had a blood alcohol content of .098 according to the police report. Bryant will also pay $1,136 in fines and court costs and has to listen to a victim’s impact panel on the dangers of drunk driving as part of his sentence in the case.

Cabot also reports that the sentence will not violate the terms of the deferred sentence Bryant received after being arrested for selling $20 of marijuana to undercover officers in Oklahoma last year. The Browns haven’t announced whether Bryant violated his chances of sticking with the team beyond a statement saying they are in the process of collecting more information.

Bryant was adamant last week that he had learned from his mistakes and that he was appreciative of the second chance the Browns gave him by drafting him in the seventh round. With nothing invested in Bryant at this point beyond that draft pick, it remains to be seen if the Browns will be extending the time limit of that second chance or if his latest brush with the law ends his Browns career before it ever got going.

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  1. A 0.098 I think — which for most adults isn’t drunk. .12 I think was a legit number, the fact they’ve continued to bring it down to .08 is ridiculous and just means if you have a couple of beers you’re in serious danger of getting a DUI.

  2. onebucplace says: May 7, 2013 5:53 PM

    A 0.098 I think — which for most adults isn’t drunk.


    Agree. And considering that he’s a young, elite athlete with a sky high metabolism, 0.098 would hardly dull at all.

  3. The BAC levels are so low nowadays that getting a DWI is not as big a deal as it used to be.

    Most people who have as little as 2 or 3 drinks are over the legal limit. You could make the argument that he was a safer driver at 0.098 than most people who are driving while talking on their cellphones.

  4. Had big hopes for this kid but now just hoping he gets his head screwed on right. The arresting officer was certain that he did not truly blow enough into the meter to get a true reading. Wonder if they drew blood for a more accurate one.

    DUI and DWI are two very different states.
    DUI means driving under (the) influence…it’s simply a state when your reaction time has been compromised. DWI means your full tilt drunk.
    Driving while intoxicated …the actual wording makes it quite clear…you’re blitzed. .0098 means you’re over their legal limit and you’re compromised.

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