Chris Johnson likes Titans’ move toward “run-first” offense

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Titans running back Chris Johnson hasn’t been shy about expressing his displeasure with the Titans’ offensive schemes and offensive line in the last two years, a pair of seasons that have seen Johnson score 10 touchdowns after getting into the end zone 28 times over the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Johnson’s just as forthcoming when it comes to his thoughts about the changes to the Titans offense this offseason. His review is much more positive than it has been about the other aspects of the Tennessee offense.

“Basically we’re learning a new playbook right now and there’s a lot of different things going in. It’s something we should have a good time doing,” Johnson said, via David Boclair of the Nashville City Paper. “… Last year … we basically were trying to turn into like a passing team. Coming in this year [we know] it’s going to be a run-first offense.”

With guard Andy Levitre and tight end Delanie Walker signing as free agents and two more interior linemen joining the team in the draft, the signals of a more physical offensive approach are hard to ignore. That continues a trend that began when Dowell Loggains took over as offensive coordinator and the Titans started running the ball more often in the final weeks of the 2012 season.

The Titans also traded up to get wide receiver Justin Hunter a year after drafting wide receiver Kendall Wright in the first round as they try to help Jake Locker establish himself as a franchise quarterback, however, so it’s not like it will be all three yards and a cloud of dust in Nashville next season. Getting the run game going will create balance that should help on that front while also getting Johnson back to the kind of production he showed in his best seasons with the Titans.

14 responses to “Chris Johnson likes Titans’ move toward “run-first” offense

  1. would have loved to have warmack for our rams but we went with tavon instead don’t ya love the offseason its a 32 way tie at this point but I like the idea of pounding the rock forcing 8 in the box then hit the speedsters wr s in 1 on 1

  2. I’m happy, too CJ. Was never a fan of Chris Palmer’s play-calling. Not sure if Dowell Loggains is the answer but I’m at least optimistic now that like his previous mentor Mike Heimerdinger, he can give the offense an actual identity again.

  3. CJ2YPC was quick to take credit when he was the NFL’s leading rusher and when things went south it was “everybody else”. Man up and take responsibility!

    Everybody mentions the loss of Goldson in SF, but I think SF will miss Delanie Walker the most. So talented! Great FA signing for the Titans!

  4. You think he will actually have time to play football between all the strip club openings? Maybe he’ll set the NFL record for lap dances per season.

  5. Just curious. What are the expectation levels in Nashville like right now.

    I feel like Texans fans expect to win the division, Colts fans feel like they can win the division, Jags fans just hope they don’t move to LA.

    Not really sure what Titans fans are feeling right now.

  6. “CJ2YPC was quick to take credit when he was the NFL’s leading rusher and when things went south it was “everybody else”. ‘

    Maybe you should go back and re-read some of the things he said about his blockers back when he was the leading rusher.

    CJ is a confident dude and he does talk to much for his good. But he’s always been quick to credit his teammates for his success, too.

  7. wikipediasaids0–The problem isn’t that CJ doesn’t take all of the credit when things are good; he does credit his blockers. The problem is that he takes none of the blame when things are bad; in those cases, it’s all the line, the play-calling, the phase of the moon, karma, bad feng shui…

  8. A run for no gain is no different from an incomplete pass. The only difference is the game will be over quicker with more runs so Titan fans can get home faster to watch Sunday night HBO, which is simply fantastic.

  9. I look forward to the run attack opening up those receivers down field, and if this team can stay healthy they should be competing for ah wild card spot so I can dig the humbleness cj showed today now like he says it’s time to make it work on Sundays

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