Rolando McClain pleads guilty to one offseason charge


It’s been a tumultuous year for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain.

McClain was suspended for two games by the Oakland Raiders late last season and released by the team in April. He has also been arrested two times already in 2013. However, the charges stemming from at least one of those arrests appear to be in the rear-view mirror for McClain.

According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, McClain plead guilty to a window tint violation from his January arrest in Decatur, Ala. For pleading guilty to that charge, the police dropped a charge against McClain for providing false information. McClain had signed an expletive on his citation instead of his name. McClain has paid $186 to cover the fine and all associated costs with the arrest.

He still has charges pending for his arrest in April (also in Decatur) for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest as well as two outstanding cases for driving infractions.

It’s unclear how much longer McClain will be referred to as “Baltimore Ravens linebacker.” He doesn’t have much rope left to work with and his off-field issues could very easily affect his on-field availability for the Ravens. The multiple arrests could command disciplinary action from the league office. Not to mention it’s easy to question McClain’s decision to remain in Decatur after being arrested so many times. Whether the police force has it out for McClain or the environment of Decatur just leads McClain to run afoul of the law, it may not be a wise decision to remain there in the offseason.

While McClain’s talent once commanded a top 10 draft pick from the Raiders, the rest of the package may not be worth the hassle.

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  1. I blame his agent…should have installed one of those Invisible Fences around Decatur and made McClain wear a collar that zapped him if he even got close to city limits…

  2. You can take him out of the ‘hood…but you can’t take the ‘hood out of ….

  3. “….McClain plead guilty to a window tint violation from his January arrest in Decatur, Ala. For pleading guilty to that charge, the police dropped a charge against McClain for providing false information. ”

    Must be nice to be rich and famous.

  4. Manish Mehta IS the ‘anonymous Jet’. None of the things Jet players supposedly say happened until he started reporting on them.Win the Superbowl Jets-then run this ‘reporter’ out of town.

  5. I know the Raiders catch a lot of flack for stashing talented but troubled players, so when even they realized this dude was a lost cause, the rest of the league ought to have took notice.

    Rolando has/had a shot to revitalize his career by replacing a legend, (who got in his share of trouble as a youngster, too) with arguably the best organization in the entire league. You can’t fix stupid…

  6. Another Alabama bust, why do so many players from Alabama turn out to be flops in the NFL?

  7. Yeah, McClain is on a short leash. After all, he’s a real criminal and those tinted windows charges sure prove it.
    Why does the Decatur PD sound like something out of a bad 70’s B movie?

  8. You don’t really need much talent to be a top draft pick of the Raiders – JaMarcus, DHB, McClain. In fact, being a top draft pick of the Raiders pretty much assures you don’t have talent.

  9. Unfortunately, Ravens no longer have the veteran team leaders (Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin, Mike Birk … etc.) to keep him focused. Sounds like McClain is doing what he really wants to do – be a punk kid in Decatur, Alabama.

  10. Should have along career in Baltimore if he can just learn to dance when the cameras are on him.

  11. While it’s always easy to quickly judge and wish for negative consequences on someone, I’m really rooting for this man to make it. Football aside, there is a real world out there that is sometimes unforgiving to those who are raised in certain environments that many of us will never empathize with. He has a new opportunity to get his life and career on track, and here is to hoping that is what he finds with the Baltimore Ravens. Good luck bro

  12. I realize there are other incidents, but some of this is really starting to sound like police harassment. Window tint violations can easily be settled with a warning and order to correct. Signing an expletive on a citation that already contains your name is not providing false information. As far as disturbing the peace, I’d wager that the cops, once again, felt “disrespected” and trumped up another charge that will never fly.

  13. This guy literally has to be one of the dumbest, most clueless people on the planet. What high profile athlete who just got released in large part due to his legal transgressions goes back to the site of said legal transgressions and decides that attempting to incite a riot with chants if “eff the police” is the way to go?

  14. If I am a general manager, I write a clause in McClain’s contract stating he is not allowed to travel to the state of Alabama while he is employed with the team. It baffles me he’s still in the state after being arrested multiple times and accusing police of having it out for him.

  15. Why would any team waste time on a crappy player with a bad attitude?
    There can’t be that much of a shortage…

  16. I read that McClain had said that he was going to stay away from Decatur so as to stay away from trouble. This guy seems to have no self control which is a bad sign for the field. If he can’t control himself off the field, then how many 15 yards penalties is he going to give up? The talent isn’t always the best thing about a player.

    Maybe McClain should watch the movie Rudy and do some soul searching. The only thing he is accomplishing right now is giving the #2 logicalvoicesays more ammunition to post incoherent thoughts about how the Redskins are somehow better.

  17. League action on window tint? Really? I sure most of this could have been avoided if he had a better attitude and treated the officers with respect. But these charges seem silly. Sounds like he keeps getting DWB’s in Alabama. Either way the Ravens are going to be fine, new coaching editions Castillo and Spag and going to help coach up the fresh crop of rookies. The Ravens WILL be in the mix come January Bohlieve that!

  18. One of these days Ray Lewis is going to sue everyone of these libelous liars. Chances are he’ll end up with a lot of worthless real estate in Western Pennsyltucky.

  19. darkglobe1 says: May 7, 2013 8:18 AM

    The Ravens widen their lead in convicted criminals. What a joke of an organization.
    I’d like to know the list you are comparing them against.

    The list I know, the NFL Arrest Database, has them will fewer arrests since 2000 than any team in the AFCN. Check your facts bro.

  20. @ darkglobe1 says: “what a joke of an organization”

    By joke, you mean defending world champions. Five consecutive playoff appearances. A front office led by some of the most respected executives in sports. An owner who is a first class guy and one of the wealthiest men in the US. A stadium that is one of the nicest in the NFL with no blackout threats. etc etc etc…

    Accurate statement you made there my friend…

  21. bronconation7 says:
    All part of Ozzie’s plan I’m sure….. Just like Hail Marys amd bloated QB contracts. Can’t wait for Monday Night!

    You mad bro?

  22. What are you talking about? Coming out of the draft, J-Rock, Rolando and DHB were all considered extremely talented players. In terms of talent and natural ability, you’re telling me you’d have drafted Brady Quinn over Russell?

  23. @ laserrocketarm12

    Nobody is saying that the Raiders should have drafted Quinn instead of JaCarcus. However, when you pass on Johnson, Peterson, and Revis to take a one year wonder like Russell, you got to expect some criticism. Then to add insult to injury, Al shows up with an overhead projector and his “great playa” pronouncement. Classic.

    As to DHB, who in blue blazes besides Al considered him “extremely talented”? He was considered a pretty sizable reach for the number seven overall pick. Did he have outstanding triangle numbers? Sure, but every scouting report I read said “questionable hands, questionable route running skills, can’t block”. From what we saw on the field for four years, that looks pretty accurate.

    When you examine the last ten years of what the Raiders have gotten from their investments in first round draft picks, it’s pretty ugly. I can’t think of a team that has gotten less in return.

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