Josh Cribbs kicks off world tour in Oakland


We mentioned earlier today that former Browns return man Josh Cribbs was feeling good and about to start taking visits.

His tour appears to be starting in Oakland with a visit with the Raiders, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, who says more visits with unspecified teams are upcoming as well.

Several of the teams which were reported to be interested in Cribbs previously have found other options, but there should still be a market for an All-Decade performer who clearly still has something left in the return game.

18 responses to “Josh Cribbs kicks off world tour in Oakland

  1. Would be a solid pickup for our WRS and his return ability! Get him Big Reg!!! GO RAIDERS!!!

  2. Oakland is where you go to end your career. – Dominic Rhodes

    You’re still young, Mr. Cribbs. Don’t kill your career.

  3. Talk in Baltimore that if he turns down his first few options that we may take a look at him as slot receiver. May work out for a short term fix and having an actual REAL QB may help his numbers…

  4. This wouldnt be a bad option! As much as I like Ford as a returner, hes always hurt. Plus he wouldnt be forced to be a HUGE part of the offense so its not a big gamble.

  5. GAME CHANGER is what comes to mind, think about less injury risk for Jacoby Ford, and that means he will be a better more productive offensive weapon,and we would have an above average kick returner.I say sign him if the price is right and if not
    oh well but i bet Reggie likes him he is a difference maker raider nation out

  6. Humbolt what a loser. Who constantly reads and comments on a team that your not a fan of. Damn man can’t u find a better way to pass time

  7. Oh Josh. If you thought the Browns were a pathetic organization, have fun in the Black Hole!

  8. humb0lt says: May 8, 2013 6:25 PM

    Oakland is where you go to end your career. – Dominic Rhodes
    Don’t forget George Blanda, Willie Brown, Ted Hendricks, Mike Haynes, Dave Casper, Al Davis, Bob Brown…

    San Diego is where you go when being the best doesn’t matter.

  9. To Humbolt:

    I guess when you leave San Diego, you become a superbowl champion. Just ask Rodney Harrison, Drew Brees and Eli Manning. You had Drew Brees in his prime and you let him go. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. charger383 says: May 8, 2013 8:53 PM

    He would look good in Silver and Black

    May 8, 2013 10:05 PM

    San Diego is where you don’t ever win a Super Bowl – signed, Any Past or Present Charger

    Charger383 refers to a fast car made by Dodge, any thing suggesting a football team in Lower California is by chance

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