The Aaron Corp era ends in Dallas

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On Monday, the Cowboys signed quarterback Aaron Corp.  It’s Thursday, and the Cowboys have cut him.

We don’t know what happened in three days to transform Corp from being worthy of a spot on the 90-man roster to being unworthy of a spot on the 90-man roster.  Whatever it was, it happened.

The Cowboys also released another player who was on the team considerably longer than Corp.  Defensive tackle Brian Price, a second-round pick of the Bucs in 2010, was waived with the “injured” designation.  Which means that Price suffered some sort of injury during offseason practices, since he arrived via a “futures” contract on December 31.

The Bucs traded Price to the Bears for a seventh-round pick last July.  The Bears cut Price in early September.  He was out of the league all year before the Cowboys took a flier on him once their 2012 season ended.

In hindsight, the move suggests that owner Jerry Jones had been thinking about switching from a 3-4 defense to the 4-3 for a while, given that Price has played defensive tackle in a four-man front.  Something he’ll never do for the Cowboys.

11 responses to “The Aaron Corp era ends in Dallas

  1. Price is a sad story. He played quite well his rookie season before he got injured, it was something like he tore all the muscles off his pelvis – a rare and extremely bad injury. Then during the off season, if I remember correctly, his sister died and he became an emotional mess. He adopted her kids and now was raising a family as a very young man. He came into camp angry and a different guy, he punched Mark Barron for sitting in his chair and was given more time away from the team. Eventually he was traded to the Bears and I’m not sure what happened there. But he did once show great talent and through a series of bad events had his career taken away from him.

  2. The poor guy woked up from a bad dream and realized it was reality and said let me out. Smart move on his end. I would not want to be associated with this team either.!!!!!!

  3. He never even got a chance to show that he’s as bad in the pros as his fellow USC QBs–Sanchez, Cassel, Leinart, and the last few years’ model of Carson Palmer.

    And can we PLEASE stop using the word “era” in sports? The word implies longevity.

  4. I’m pretty sure they used era sarcastically. I’m not sure why any of these moves is news. Right now there are 30 guys on every team that will be cut by week one.

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