Cowboys’ Travis Frederick: “I can prove some people wrong”


The Cowboys surprised a lot of people when they drafted Travis Frederick, a center from Wisconsin who was widely viewed as a mid-round pick, in the first round. But Frederick believes he can show those people they shouldn’t have been surprised.

Frederick said today at the opening of the Cowboys’ rookie minicamp that he’ll be motivated to work hard and demonstrate that the people who saw him as a first-round reach were incorrect.

I can prove some people wrong,” Frederick said. “The first thing I need to do is establish myself, establish myself as a worker, someone the guys can trust, somebody they believe in in the weight room and somebody they believe in on the practice field. After that, I think things start to come into place.”

The Cowboys need Frederick, who is expected to be their starting center from Day One, to prove a lot of people wrong.

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  1. Best offensive linemen in the league

    5) Jason Fox
    4) Rob Sims
    3) Larry Warford
    2) Dominic Raiola
    1) Riley Reiff

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  2. Not many people are saying you won’t be a good player. They are saying the Cowboys could have traded down several spots and still got you at much better value. But, of course, they are the Cowboys.

  3. If this dude needs a little criticism to motivate himself to play hard, I feel sorry for the Cowboys.

    Isn’t pride and honor, not to mention a large paycheck, inspire someone to be the best they possibly can be enough to play your best?

  4. Nobody said the player is bad just taken a round or two earlier then he should have. First round centers are rare and are generally studs which Fredrick isn’t.

  5. First off you need to do a beard battle with Jason Kelce for the best beard in the NFCEast. Second it’s not the point that he is a bad player it’s that the cowboys could of took him in the third, even if you loved him he most likely would of been there in the second.

  6. Even if he turns out to be a spectacular player, it still doesn’t mean he wasn’t drafted too high.

    Getting “value” on a pick means drafting as much talent as possible for the lowest possible draft pick. The Cowboys may have gotten an excellent player, but if the rumors about where he would have been picked are right, Dallas still screwed up by not taking him later.

  7. I love this guy’s attitude.

    I remember when Logan Mankins was drafted, and everyone I knew went “Who?” Years later he’s one of the best at his position, a perennial pro-bowler and all-pro.

    Give him a chance to do something in this league. If he can just snap the ball to Romo (something his past centers, including Andre Gurode, couldn’t seem to master), he should be adequate enough.

  8. I spend my whole life not caring what other people think and their opinions. Athletes, however, spend all their timing proving others wrong and caring what others say. It all doesnt really matter. In the end he will succumb to the Chip Kelly 11 headed monster machine tour 2013.

  9. Love the attitude, but the Boys’ could have again traded down, picked up more picks and still gotten their guy.

    Dallas needs a qualified GM.

  10. I don’t think anybody was questioning this guy’s talent. Just Dallas’s reach to grab him in the first round when he’d likely have still been there in the second. Relax, Travis.

  11. I really think people are beating up on the Cowboys too much for this pick. Their biggest offensive need is on the line, particularly center. If they thought he was the best center on their board take him. Sometimes you have to draft for need.

  12. I just don’t get it… They said my boys had a bad draft, they say fredrick was a reach. First of all people we are post CBA, the landscape has changed in reference to rookie wage scales no longer are the days of drafting a guys in the first not having them pan out and calling them busts. As a team you have to trust your information and go according to your board and not the “big board”. Frederick was the top pure center in the draft and unlike Cooper actually set line assignments and is coming out of offensive line U the badgers. He’s nasty and has a devastating punch out and is a mauler in the run game. Watch him be the boys center for the next 10 years and pay immediate dividends in the run game this year. I loved our draft and the rest of the league will see why next season. GOD BLESS AMERICA’S TEAM!

  13. The point isn’t how good he may or may not be, but that he would have likely been around for a few more rounds anyway(many people had him in the 6th-7th, at best a 3rd)

  14. Hopefully he can at least live up to the 2nd round talent that he said he felt he was (even after the draft).

  15. If he plays like a mid round backup he’ll be labelled a bust – even though it would actually be Jerry Jones’ fault for taking him in RD1.

  16. I think he will prove people wrong. Smart, tough, physical kid in a division where 2 of the other 3 teams play the 3-4. Bill Polian, in his review of the pick said he can block any nose tackle in the NFL, is a mean road grader. I like that he’ll bring a physical attitude to the line missing since Marc Columbo left. Looking forward to seeing the kid on the field.

  17. They needed a center, so they got the best center in the draft.

    It’s a good pick for Dallas; even better now that Frederick feels he has something to prove.

  18. If the Cowboys thought he would anchor their line for the next 10 years, it is a great pick.
    “Analysts” are pretty much clueless when it comes to draft ratings.

  19. It is unfortunate this kid gets dragged through the mud as the media and fans try to attack Jerry Jones. I have no doubt he will be a solid center in this league.

  20. Is Jerry Jones one of them? Also I apologize if that joke has already been made 35 times.

  21. Sorry Travis, but any player that is picked 31st who could have been drafted around 90, will always be considered a reach. The point is Dallas could have gotten another player at 31 and then got you later too.

    Having said that, I expect Travis to be a significant upgrade at center for Dallas. Frederick is slower than a turtle and runs the 40 in 2 days but he is very intelligent and is a solid run blocker.

  22. The ignorance of those that think they know it all, this far after the draft amazes me.

    He was expected to be a “mid round” pick as your report states, but a 2nd, maybe a 3rd. No one also predicted that 10, lineman, would have been picked in the draft before the 31st pick, so to believe he would have been there at Dallas’s 2nd round pick at 47, is just foolish. So he was picked at 31, which is only 2, picks away from the 2nd round. So is it really that much of a reach?

    Yeah, if you believe everything the “experts” predicted before the draft, then it was a reach. If you look at the way the draft was heading and that he went at 31, not 18, it isn’t that huge of a reach.

    Mr. Smith, why don’t you spit out that bias towards the cowboys and report neutrally? Same to the ignorant comments above that know it all, because they are experts too.

  23. hey lightcleric, who did you read or listen to that had him as a 6th or 7th round pick? He is the best center of the whole freaking draft by every so called “expert” except Mayock who had him as #2.

    I guess you are one of those ignorant fools that believes if it is on the internet, it must be true, huh?

  24. Cowboys better teach ware how to play against RG3. Or nothing else will matter

  25. I disagree with the note that Frederick was “widely viewed as a mid-round pick”.

    The article linked cites one ESPN expert, ESPN’s page, and the claimed results of a 5 team survey by an ESPN reporter (which 5 teams? Were they all zone blocking teams? Frederick is a man-blocking scheme fit only, so he should be low on the boards of zone-blocking schemes).

    I love the NFL draft, and take in everything I can in the month or two before it happens. Almost everything I saw (there are always exceptions) rated him as the clear best C prospect and as a “2-3 round pick”.

    Yes, that’s still a reach according to consensus, but a “mid round pick” is generally a 4th rounder, and exaggerates the reach here. I actually liked what I heard and saw with Frederick as the draft approached, and felt he was going to end up being better than his rank. Still, when Dallas took him in the first round, my initial reaction was “ooooh, bit of a reach there”…followed by “but he is a perfect fit for what they need, and a safe prospect, so it’s not terrible”.

  26. Anyone who pays attention to mock drafts and experts don’t know much about the sport. The Redskins would have hung on to all those picks and taken Russell Wilson in the 2nd since they ALWAYS get the draft right.

  27. It’s real simple. The Cowboys could have had this guy and another good football player. They didn’t have to draft him that high. That makes this a mistake. Even if he turns out to be a all pro.

  28. I read all these replies and so called great opinions. Remember something….no matter who you root for or against… the quality of a draft or player will always be determined by time and the player. Just think of some of these players and where they went in the draft and where they are now….Tom Brady, Tony Mandarich, JaMarcus Russell, Terrell Davis, Ronde Barber, Zach Thomas,Shannon Sharpe, Ryan Leaf and David Carr. There are winners and losers here. Time will tell!

  29. You know I’m not too disappointed in who we got, just when. But looking back and after giving Romo a big contract, he needs to be protected. In the process we got him and another receiver. I don’t know how our defense will fare but I’m also realistic and not expecting them to be in the Super Bowl this year either. Only time will tell but I think Frederick will be good, and like him more now because he will be on a mission this season.

  30. Dallas may have “reached” but obviously they see big things coming from Frederick and if he can do those things for them~ it’s a solid pick.

  31. As a Dallas FAN, all I can do is wish him the best. He seems like a solid kid and a seems to have a great future. Haters will hate. Dallas will be back on top. It is inevitable. Kill bodies and go Dallas.

  32. Will there be a day when we can stop hearing about proving everybody wrong?

    Or a year when warren moon isn’t labeling white folks racists just before the draft.

    Can we get rid of the phrase ‘trending’ on television?

    Or finally can we take something away from somebody?. Kinda like reggie bush

  33. The Cowboys didn’t have a lot of money to throw around, so trade down, pick the best player at the most modest of positions (yet an important one, since Dallas has been bad-snap-central for 5 years) and pay him accordingly.

    Not, by far, the dumbest thing the Cowboys have done in this century.

  34. Unfortunately for Cowboy Fans, the ‘some people’ he is going to prove wrong are the idiots steering the ship for the Cowboys…aka the Jones Family!

  35. The reason that Jerry jones picked him in the first round is that he needed a foundation to build the middle of a line on. He wanted to get five years on Fredericks contract. He has said this

  36. wwow such haters seems like everyone with something bad to say is a skin or a brady fan…if 10 teams needed a center he is gone b4 boys take him they really needed one and got the best of the class so now hopefully when its 3 n 9 in shotgun the snap doesn’t go over romos head or at his feet like we have seen way too many times ..boys will take the division this year

  37. nou04 says: May 10, 2013 6:41 PM

    The ignorance of those that think they know it all, this far after the draft amazes me.

    He was expected to be a “mid round” pick as your report states… No one also predicted that 10, lineman, would have been picked in the draft before the 31st pick, so to believe he would have been there at Dallas’s 2nd round pick at 47, is just foolish. So he was picked at 31, which is only 2, picks away from the 2nd round. So is it really that much of a reach?

    If I can disagree with you without casting any aspersions on Frederick, he had a low second-to-third draft grade on him– your logic implies that the entire second round occurs at pick no. 33, but it doesn’t. Picks still have numbers and Frederick was expected to go in the 50’s-60’s, which is a lot more than the two slots between 31 and 33.

    Second, If you look at interior lineman as a whole, Frederick probably fell between 9-12. He was one of three guys who could have been the first center off the board, and there were four or five additional guards predicted to come off the board before him.

    No matter how badly Jerry Jones wanted Frederick, the draft is a balancing act of need/want versus Best Player Available, and when you take a need/want over BPA, it is inherently a “reach”.

    So the issue is whether Frederick will be better for Dallas than Matt Elam/Jon Cyprien/Zach Ertz and one of the other top three centers (hell, Frederick might still have been there).

    Basically, Frederick could be great, but, unfortunately, will always have this draft stigma attached to him. Again, this is nothing against Dallas or Frederick, just an objective discussion about how drafts are conducted and why, even if he goes on to a Hall of Fame career, the pick will be questioned every time Dallas struggles over the next couple years.

  38. Why are Beagles and Redstinks fans posting here. Your team that sorry that you have to be over here. Funny how y’all always having something to say about us but can’t stay away from our page. #imjustsaying

  39. I watched him several years with the Wisconsin Badgers. He’s good with the power stuff inside, but he’s slower than molasses to the second level to hit linebackers. He’s solid in pass protection and was a good student at Wisconsin. Center is a position requiring someone who can think.
    So much of the draft from a fan’s viewpoint is pure horsepuckey. It’s really all about putting an athlete into a system where he can flourish. I think he will work in Dallas, especially snapping the ball to another Wisconsin native, Tony Romo. Most of the draft ‘experts’ never played the game and as such are simply speculating. Sixth round? What moron said that?

  40. People who keep saying ‘Frederick would have been there in 2nd, 3rd round’ overlook the historic run on OLine that was occurring.

    I have heard rumors – unverified – that another team was thinking of taking him before Dallas would pick again at #47.

    Without the 10 or so blue chip OLine guys in front of him in this class, there is NO QUESTION Frederick would have been a 1st rounder. This was an unusually deep year for the Offensive Line.

  41. He’ll be a good lineman. So long as that’s the case, after a while people will forget what round he should have gone in, or that the Cowboys reached to draft him where they did.

  42. Frankly I’m getting very tired of people saying definitely he’d have been there for Dallas at 47. Please go back and review mock drafts and who else was “definitely” available around 47? How about Justin Pugh (he went 19th to the Giants) and Kyle Long (he went 20th to the Bears).
    Where’s the hate for those picks? Your silence is deafening. This is ALL about ripping Jerry Jones and that’s the bottom line. Has nothing to do with the player, the need, or an evaluation of the scheme match.

  43. Love how fluker was considered a late first early second round talent and goes first third of the first round but its a great pick Justin Pugh a mid to late second round pick taken a whole round early but again a great pick Kyle long a late second early third rounder taken at 20 even that doesn’t get bet up like Dallas taking what may have been a late second early third round talent two picks before round two a whole round earlier than pegged but its a horrible move lol point is all thei linemen went early and he wouldn’t have been there it was a need and a good pick much like Pugh for the giants but nobody ridicules that scrub team

  44. A lot of people said “The Cowboys could have taken him later”. THEY DID. They picked 18th, but traded down to 31. In doing so they basically traded the chance to get Sharriff Floyd(BPA) for Frederick who will start at C day one, and a WR Terrance Williams who will hopefully be the heir apparent to Miles Austin.

  45. And what if he wasn’t there? Anyone have an answer to that. How does everyone know that out of 32 teams that no one was gonna take him before the cowboys next pick. If a team likes a player you draft him.

  46. cowboys1022 says: May 11, 2013 1:13 PM

    And what if he wasn’t there? Anyone have an answer to that.
    Yes. You take one of the other two centers who were in the running with Frederick to be the best center in the draft (Barret Jones, David Quessenberry) or you take one of the interior linemen slated to be picked ahead of Frederick (Terron Armstead, Larry Warford, Dallas Thomas).

    Basically the question is not whether Frederick will be good, because he almost certainly will: the question is whether Frederick will be better for Dallas than Matt Elam or Jon Cyprien and Jones/Quessenberry/Warford/Armstead/hell, Frederick might still have been there.

    The draft is a balancing act of BPA versus want/need. Nobody thinks Frederick was a bad pick per se, just that the Cowboys did a bad job balancing; and every time they struggle over the next few years, fingers will be pointed at Frederick and this draft, however unfair that may be.

  47. thirdistheworrd presents a strawman. “You take one of the other two players” – the phrase you missed is “… that you didn’t want…”. I don’t know that you can say that Dallas did a bad job balancing. Balancing vs. what? The “pure” big board? No one drafts on a “pure” board. Everyone tailors the board to the players that fit their scheme. The Cowboys had about 100-120 players on their board per team sources. That’s compared to a little over 220 draftees + 500 or so undrafted free agents.

    You seem to totally gloss over the relative value between Frederick and Barrett Jones, etc – like it’s not part of the equation – a cog is a cog right? BTW, Terron Armstead is a tackle. I think Quessenberry will be too. Dallas still could’ve picked either of them – it didn’t have boo to do with Frederick – no one would’ve abused this team for taking two offensive linemen in this draft.

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