Dee Milliner says his surgeries were nothing major


When cornerback Dee Milliner was being analyzed before the draft, one of the negatives often mentioned was that he had five surgeries during his career at Alabama including one to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder earlier this year.

That wasn’t enough to stop the Jets from drafting him ninth overall in the first round last month. They must be happy to hear, then, that Milliner says that concern about the operations has been overblown because none of them were particularly serious.

“Oh man, because all of the surgeries were nothing. They were nothing major, all of them were minor,” Milliner said, via “And then, I don’t like to miss games. I just try to go out there, if I’m in the game, and play like I don’t have any injuries. I like to go out there. You have to make a sacrifice, so I sacrifice if I have an injury, but I’m going to go out there and play in the game.”

Minor though it may have been, the shoulder surgery is expected to keep Milliner off the field during the Jets’ offseason work. He is expected to be cleared in time for training camp, however, and that should give him plenty of time to win the starting job vacated by a certain Buccaneers cornerback that Nick Saban really hopes you’ll never mention in relation to Milliner at any point.

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  1. Surgeries or not the kid showed up on game day and proved to be durable. Its one thing to be injured and put in most of your minutes in the training room but an entire different thing to be so called injured while starting damn near every game. He’s a tough kid.

  2. No surgery is minor, although not all surgery is major.

    Good luck to him–he’s in a position to succeed, albeit with a team that doesn’t know how to do that.

  3. @RexCanCoach

    You have a good point. It is good a trade for you guys freeing up a bunch of cap space, getting 2 high picks and then drafting Milliner. My bucs also got a good trade though, if any team could afford Revis and his huge salary it would be us, we were top 5 or 3 in cap sace if I’m correct. We got the best cornerback in the game in my opinion ( when healthy ) Revis was a part of our secondary change this offseason, Revis adds to Goldson Barron and Banks. I say solid trade on both sides.

  4. Sure he was the best CB in the draft, but that doesnt mean hes a stud. Hes not Patrick Peterson, Claiborne, Haden…etc just the best in this class. Im glad the Lions didnt take him.

  5. For the record….
    I don’t view Milliner as a replacement for Mevis at all!! Thats for you media folks to pump up & create a story out of it.

    I am done we Revis & I’m happy to say although I was torn about the process & decision that in the end I am complete, glad he is gone & have moved on.

    A new era in the Jets backfield has begun that has no connection with the past!!

    Milliner is his own CB and I look forward to see his contribution to the secondary from his own individual talents and as such I’d much prefer, request and intend to view Revis as a player of the past and having nothing to do with the Jets anymore!

    Not having him here is starting to feel like a breath of fresh air!

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