Titans’ Marc Mariani hopes to be healthy for training camp


Titans receiver and return man Marc Mariani missed the entire 2012 season after suffering a Theismannesque broken leg in the preseason. Mariani has acknowledged fearing that his career might have ended that day, but he thinks he’ll be ready to go by the start of this preseason.

Earning a roster spot is no sure thing for Mariani even if he is 100 percent, but he said he expects to prove in August that he’s all the way back.

I know I have to have a good camp this year,” Mariani told the Associated Press. “It’s been a battle, but it’s been a great learning experience.”

Mariani, who broke his tibia and fibula while returning a punt and had a broken bone pierce his skin, is keeping a positive attitude about the challenge of coming back from such an injury.

“There’s a lot of adversity that I’ve overcome, and there’s a lot more that’s in front of me,” Mariani said. “I welcome it. . . . Even lying on the field right after it happened, you question it, you wonder, you doubt. Mentally, it’s a hard hurdle to get over. Will I be OK again? Is it going to heal correctly? All those things. It was difficult, but there was so much support, so much backing that I had. It made it easier.”

There’s nothing easy about coming back from an injury like that, but Mariani is most of the way there.

10 responses to “Titans’ Marc Mariani hopes to be healthy for training camp

  1. Great kid, hope it works out. Will be tough though with Reynaud having a strong season in the return game last year. If he’s going to make it will have to offer more in the passing game which seems unlikely.

    Hate to say it but probably needs some injuries ahead of him to really have a shot at this point. Hope he comes out and makes something happen.

  2. logicallionsvoice says:
    May 10, 2013 4:13 PM
    Screw Marc Mariani, he couldn’t play for the Lions anyway what a bum

    I can’t wait for your Mt. Rushmore, bub.

    #0-16 #pianoman #HOF

  3. Before the injury he was really starting to turn the corner as a wide reciever. I hope he comes back strong and makes the roster. This guy is a hard worker so I wouldn’t bet against him.

  4. I really hope he makes the team again….he has worked so hard….I wish you the best Marc!

  5. High class person who exonerates being pro athlete. Wish him best luck. Every team needs quality players like him.

  6. It may help if he studied they playbook instead of going out to Paradise Park and other Nashville bars on the weekends. But then again, Locker could have the same thing said about him.

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