Marinelli changes name of his position group

The coach best known for presiding over an 0-16 season is trying to carve a new niche.

Cowboys defensive line coach Rod Marinelli has changed the name of his position group to “rushmen,” because the goal of the group is to get to the quarterback.

That’s what we have to do,” Marinelli said Saturday, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.  “In the four-man front, you try to identify a position or men with one thing they got to be able to do, and that’s that.  It’s very clear.

“It’s all part of what we are.  We make sure we understand it and we just go on from there.”

Stopping the run is part of what they are, too.  And if the defensive line is too one-dimensional, that can be a problem.

Marinelli used the same term for the Bears’ defensive line in Chicago.  Over the last four years in which Marinelli had that job, the Bears had 10 fewer sacks than the Cowboys.

[Photo credit:  Dallas Morning News.]

10 responses to “Marinelli changes name of his position group

  1. He probably is one of those guys who calls a punch a “knuckle sandwich” too.

  2. I’m a Cowboys fan, and I think the name “rushmen” is stupid. It’s the same sort of stuff dumb people pull in the military or other large bureaucracies when they’re too stupid for the job they’re in, but they want it to look like they’re doing something.

  3. If you can’t improve the product, rename the product, maybe call it “new and improved” (and never mind how something can be both simultaneously).

    He would have fit in well in the last corporation I worked for, years ago. When the top brass couldn’t achieve their goals, they just moved the goalposts; when it looked like we middle managers were going to achieve our goals, they removed the posts altogether.

  4. It’s like a company I used to work for that moved everyone’s desks around, reorganized the departments, and came up with new slogans every couple of years, in the mean time doing very little to actually make meaningful improvements.

  5. While Bears may have had 10 fewer sacks than the Cowboys, Cowboys were near dead-last in takeways last year while Bears defense garnered 39.

    Bears led the NFL last year with 24 interceptions, and line pressure had a lot to do with many of those errant throws. Bears defense also forced 35 fumbles and recovered 15 of them.

    Meanwhile, Dallas forced 18 fumbles and recovered exactly half of them – 9. The Cowboys also added 7 interceptions for a whopping total of 16 turnovers for the entire 2012 NFL Season.

    Now: 39 vs. 16. But hey, the COWBOYS HAD MORE SACKS!

    Whoop-de-frickin’ do!

  6. Reminds me of Rob Ryan changing the name of turnovers to “takeovers” in a futile effort to make them happen more. How that work out for Ryan?

    In the four years Marinelli was with the Bears, it’s pretty obvious the Bears had a better defense than Dallas even if Dallas had more sacks.

    Perhaps Dallas blitzed more which resulted in more sacks but also more TD passes given up too. Perhaps the Bears defense was able to pressure the QB and create turnovers by only rushing 4 linemen. Florio should actually watch a football game sometime.

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