Texans like Klein, but not enough to sign him


Texans coack Gary Kubiak liked what he saw from quarterback Collin Klein, who participated in the team’s rookie minicamp on a tryout basis.

But Kubiak didn’t like Klein enough to give him a contract.

No, I did not sign,” Klein told FOX 26 after minicamp concluded.  “I think they’re working through some things.

“I feel very good that I put my best foot forward and just so grateful they gave me the opportunity.”

Klein has declined to change positions as he searches for a team that will let him play quarterback.  The search, for now, continues.

18 responses to “Texans like Klein, but not enough to sign him

  1. Completely fine with this.

    Schaub is one Drew Bledsoe hit away from Case Keenum becoming this decade’s version of Tom Brady. He just needs a shot.

  2. Frisco should sign Klein. They got rid of Alex Smith and went dredging the bottom of the scrap heap for Colt McCoy. Get Klein in there to run the zone read stuff he can do that. Kap gets hurt, and he will if he keeps running all over, the backup guy won’t be able to run half the offense.

  3. He needs some better advisors. He simply doesn’t have a NFL arm. If he wasn’t so pigheaded about this he would have been drafted. His agent is not doing his job.

  4. I don’t understand I’d do anything to be able to play in the NFL and you have guys like Tebow and Klein who could have shots if they would just swollen their pride and switch positions is that extra money and fame that comes with the QB position worth never playing

  5. Hey Scott Robinson. Comments like that illustrate why you do not blog for the Houston Chronicle anymore.

  6. Guess this says a lot about QBs that win or contend for the Heisman trophy not necessarily having the skills to play QB in the NFL…

  7. Klein is basically a “less talented Tim Tebow”. Not a recipe for successful as an NFL QB.

    If he is set on being a QB, I am sure the Iowa Barnstormers or New Orleans Voodoo need a backup.

  8. Collin! Hi! We did like u but I lost your phone number, I really wanted to see you again.

    Sorry, Collin they are not going to sign you regardless of the headline

  9. Agree he needs to either be a back-up read option kind of guy for a team like the 9ers or just switch positions and quit dragging his feat about it. He could probably be a very good HB/TE hybrid if he would switch and work on the position in two to three seasons, and same with Tebow. I almost think Tebow could become a great FB and does have a nose for the end zone in the 10 yard line or less.

  10. In a previous interview Kubiack stated he was certain that Klein would make it in the NFL as a QB.
    Klein is a sleeper talent that will “come out of nowhere” and amaze, just like Kaepernick did. The media’s comparing him to Tebow has unfairly painted the wrong picture for the masses who continue to drink the cool-aide served up by tabloid “sportswriters”. Hope Klein find a good team; playing for the Jets is a career killer as we’ve seen!

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