David Harris on defense: Jets “destroyed it to rebuild it”

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Jets linebacker David Harris knew there would be change.

But the degree of change to the Jets defense was still alarming to him, and walking into a meeting room and not recognizing many people was an eye-opener.

“It was expected when you have a six-win season and a new general manager,” Harris said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “Pretty much they destroyed it to rebuild it.”

The Jets cut linebacker Bart Scott, defensive tackle Sione Pouha, safety Eric Smith and outside linebacker Calvin Pace (later re-signing him). They held the door open for defensive tackle Mike DeVito and safeties Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry to sign with other teams in the early days of free agency, while they’ve made no effort to retain outside linebacker Bryan Thomas.

There was also that other guy they traded, Darrelle Revis — you know, the best cornerback in the NFL.

“It was weird the first day, to be honest,” Harris said. “You’re so used to seeing certain guys in the same room with you. One thing I’ve learned about the NFL is just like the real world, the more you stay around the more your friends start disappearing. It’s no different.”

Of all the moves, losing Revis was the toughest for him to take. They were drafted together in 2007 and roomed together in training camp.

“That was hard to see,” he said. “He came in the same year as I did. We built a real good relationship with each other. That’s just one of the nasty sides of pro football. It’s a business like everything else.”

Of course, of all the moves, the Revis one was perhaps the only one other GMs might not have made in the same situation. The Jets were getting old together, and spending on aging players, role guys and safeties is hard when the cap is tight and there are so many other problems on the other side of the ball.

Coupled with head coach Rex Ryan taking more control of the defense again, it’s going to be a year of change for the Jets. But probably one they needed, to make themselves more stable for the long-term.

18 responses to “David Harris on defense: Jets “destroyed it to rebuild it”

  1. for everyone who hates on Rex Ryan let me remind you he is a mastermind on Defense. The jets have up an coming players. there D will make noise. like i said before i wouldn’t be shocked if this team ends up with 9 wins.

  2. We must destroy this village to save it!!!!!!! Sad thing is, that wasn’t the side of the ball needing saving, IMO.

  3. @ jet fan 3 comment what are you smoking or sniffing today???. Or you just delusional.

  4. Revis was only the 2nd best CB in the NFL, and post injury may not even be that.

    Champ Baily is still the best CB playing, legendary.

  5. myopinionisrighterthanyours says:
    May 13, 2013 4:11 PM
    9 wins? With whom throwing to who???????

    Obviously, they’d need a lot of luck to get 9 wins with the current quarterback situation. But I don’t think they’ll be worse than 6-10.

  6. Wins and losses are more critical to the shut-ins who hate the Jets than its fans.
    Football games, like their chocolate pudding days, come but once a week.

  7. Pettine leaving will also hurt Fat Rex as he will have even more tasks to accomplish on top of his daily pie eating and foot sniffing.

    But seriously Pettine will be a huge loss for them.

  8. Champ Baily is still the best CB playing, legendary.


    Yeah, he sure showed it against Jacoby Jones in the playoffs.

  9. Why can’t the Jets win 9 games? Did anyone expect the Vikings to win 10? Yes they don’t have AD like the vikes but the Jets won 6 last year and were right in there for several more (Pats, Texans, Titans). 9 is not impossible, but the haters will still laugh at this post.

  10. Someone will positively surprise at the QB position. If Holmes is in there, that’s one playmaker. Braylon another.

    Ummm…let’s not forget Chris Ivory.
    Hey haters…..this year’s Super Bowl is a home game for us!

    (that should get them).

  11. They say the reason why New York bagels are the best is because of the water in New York. Looks like it also makes people delusional.

    9 wins ?? Thanks for the laugh !

  12. they destroyed more than the defense……rex is a moron! how the hell is this guy still employed

  13. Revis would still be there if it weren’t for his completely irrational and constant contract demands.

  14. Of course for ampats I do need to add your team has been there a lot more then mine, but I hope my dolphins can change that soon

  15. Harris is wrong. It turned out that many on the defense wanted more money than feasible.
    Just Landry and Revis would want $22mm. Quite a big percentage of the total cap.
    DeVito et al wanted more.
    Tanny dug a huge hole by extending Sanchez and fiscally ruining the Jets.
    Of course Idzik has to rebuild brick by brick.

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