Tyronne Green heading to New England


This is the time of year when veteran free agents are trying to get in where they can, and former Chargers guard Tyronne Green has found a home.

According to the Twitter account of his agents, Green has agreed to terms with the Patriots.

Green, a former fourth-round pick, started 28 games the last four seasons with the Chargers. He gives the Patriots some experienced depth inside, as he has the ability to play center or guard.

12 responses to “Tyronne Green heading to New England

  1. I’ll fully admit that I’m not familiar with Green. Interested to hear what Chargers fans have to say about this. Their offensive line, as I remember it over the last few seasons, was a pretty sorry affair.

  2. Chargers fan for 10+ years.. He isnt horrible, not really sure if hes a quality starter.. He ended up getting some starts the last couple of years due to OLine injuries.. For depth, solid pick up

  3. Probably just insurance/training camp body so they can bring Connelly along slowly after offseason shoulder surgury.

  4. Dante Scar can make a very good lineman out of anybody. So, if they went after him, he must have Scar’s seal of approval. Good veteran pickup! Where were the Jets…they lost both their guards ? They need help for their pathetic 5 qb’s.

  5. 20 Year Chargers Fan Here: I loved T.Green, but he’s had big shoes to fill, replacing Chargers legend Chris Dielman. Green did very well as starting LG in 2011, but didn’t do too well in 2012 (because he was helping his poor left tackle too much).
    Put Tyronne Green on a good O-Line, he’ll make it better. He should be a starter, and is better than depth! He could be a VERY good center too…

  6. I echo National Fanatic’s opinion, Green is a decent guard whose play suffered because he was too busy running two assignments on every play. He projects as a serviceable starter at best, and a dependable backup at worst.

  7. The guy can & has played every position on the OL in his time with SD. I think he was drafted as a Center to serve as backup to Hardwick but he became a “plug & play” guy once the injury bug started biting their offensive line.

    As for why McCoy doesn’t keep these guys, my guess is their strengths don’t fit into whatever system he’s bringing to SD and he’s looking for a more established veteran presence?

    Either way, I hope losing the younger guys doesn’t come back to haunt them. Is it September yet!? =)

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