Add Brooks Reed to Texans list of offseason surgeries

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On paper, the Texans have a solid defense coming back.

But at the moment, that paper is in the form of a medical file.

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips told 610 AM in Houston (via the Houston Chronicle) that outside linebacker Brooks Reed had surgery this offseason to fix an injury sustained during the season.

Coupled with new safety Ed Reed’s recent hip surgery, Brian Cushing’s ACL rehab and others, the Texans have plenty of  guys they’re counting on this season still on the mend.

“I’m concerned like I am with anybody that’s coming off an injury, is coming off an operation,” Phillips said, when asked initially about Ed Reed. “I believe in our people and they say, hey, he’s going to be fine, [Brian] Cushing’s going to be fine. Even Brooks Reed had an injury last year and was operated [on] in the offseason. You’re always concerned about it. I don’t want to blow it up to say I don’t think they will be back because I think they will.”

Brooks Reed missed four games last year with a torn groin. Phillips also said inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton was recovering from the hip problem that landed him on IR last year.

“Darryl’s not healthy enough right now to do our offseason stuff,” Phillips said. “He’s still not been cleared by the doctors from his injury at the end of the season.”

If all those guys are well, the Texans should be ready to make another playoff run. But the sheer number of guys on the medical report makes it a cause for concern, even in May.

4 responses to “Add Brooks Reed to Texans list of offseason surgeries

  1. So 4 guys coming back off of injuries sustained last year is now categorized as the “sheer number of injuries” and cause for concern ? The only one that wasn’t known about mid-season last year was Ed Reed. Last year’s 1st round pick got to play more than he might have, we drafted for depth this year and these guys are healing up (with Cushing looking good). Much ado about nothing …

  2. Injuries are the great leveler in the NFL. Even the best teams are usually only a couple ACLs away from being just average.

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