Dwayne Bowe: I’m going to lead league in catches and touchdowns

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The Chiefs have made several moves to bolster the league’s lowest-scoring offense and one holdover from that team believes the payoff will be a handsome one for him and one of his teammates.

Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe thinks that he’ll benefit from quarterback Alex Smith’s arrival and he thinks running back Jamaal Charles is going to find a lot of success running behind an offensive line that has added Eric Fisher at right tackle.

“[Charles] is going to lead the league in rushing this year and I’m going to lead the league in receptions and touchdowns,” Bowe said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “When we get in full gear and pads and close to the season, it’s going to be a show to watch.”

There’s a good chance that winds up as an overly optimistic prediction, but Bowe has every reason to be excited about the changes to the offense in Kansas City this season. Smith is the best quarterback he’s played with in the NFL and Bowe should be an excellent fit in Andy Reid’s offensive scheme. That might explain why General Manager John Dorsey said he thought Bowe was poised to become one of the best receivers in the league.

That leap would be plenty for Bowe next season, even if someone else winds up with more catches and/or touchdowns.

34 responses to “Dwayne Bowe: I’m going to lead league in catches and touchdowns

  1. Can someone please remind this over rated WR that he will have Alex Smith throwing him balls this year.

    Yes, the same Alex Smith who had numerous problems with SF changing out their OC coordinators and schemes on a yearly basis. Harbaugh actually saved his skin when he made Smith his system QB. But Harbaugh was smart enough to bench him because he knew CK7 was the real talent.

    KC if you though Cassell was crap, wait until you get a load of Alex Smith.

  2. Dwayne, your QB may not have as many touchdown PASSES as the top TD scoring WR.

    @jagged – Calvin only had something like 5 TD’s last year.

  3. Just went and checked the Chiefs roster, and it still looks as though Alex Smith is the projected starter. Thought maybe Bowe knew something I didn’t.

  4. Why are all the 49er fans hatin’ on Alex Smith. Two years ago you couldn’t stop raving about how great he was then he got you past the saints in the playoffs, now Kaepernick has half a good season and you forget about the poor guy……

  5. He has no idea what its like playing against a defense that knows you going to pass the ball 70+% of the time. It negates your passing game. Good luck with that.

  6. I like bowe; but hope pointing to his name on the back of his jersey while losing big time isn’t something I don’t want to see.

    Btw, I am a Chiefs fan! I hope this season will be a huge turnaround !

  7. That’s funny, everyone has Flaccoitis. Since he said he was the best and elite, and then went out and proved it, has caused a lot of people to step up and try to emulate what Flacco did. Thing is, first person who does it breaks ground, everyone else who follows is just breaking wind.

  8. “Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe thinks that he’ll benefit from quarterback Alex Smith’s arrival”

    If anything, quite the opposite.

  9. Well, there’s a good chance that offense will be better than last year, but that’s because it’s almost impossible to be that inept two years in a row.

  10. bowe might not be better than megatron, and charles might not be better than peterson, but they’re still two of the best in the game.

  11. Last preseason, Reggie Bush said he’d lead the league in rushing. He was 4th after week 6, and faded further thereafter.

    After a miserable 2012, I think everybody would be happy with Bowe or Charles being 4th in the league after week 6.

  12. So, according to this clown, Alex Smith is Joe Montana and Andy Reid has turned into Bill Walsh. Dwayne Bowe should be immediately drug tested. Whatever he is smoking sure is some powerful stuff!

  13. What do you expect Bowe to say?

    “Well, I’m looking forward to a season with a game manager QB where I plan on dropping a lot of passes, ending up in the middle of the pack in receiving and touchdowns, and a 6-10 record.”

    Of course he’s going to say he plans on leading the league. If he didn’t then THAT would be the real story.

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