Report: Packers give undrafted guard Lane Taylor $7,000 bonus


One major reason why the competition for undrafted free agents is so fascinating: every team gets the same amount of money to use for bonuses on undrafted rookies, and it is not much. Per the CBA, the bonus pool was $75,00o in 2011, and it has grown at the same rate of the salary cap since.

Thanks to a report from Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, we have a sense of how one team allocated their undrafted rookie bonus dollars this spring. According to Hodkiewicz, the Packers gave Oklahoma State offensive guard Lane Taylor $7,000 to sign. Five other players, per the Press-Gazette, received $5,000 bonuses. However, at least two players didn’t receive a bonus whatsoever, according to the report.

The job opportunity itself is what matters for undrafted players. The upfront money, if you can get it, is nice, but it’s really not much. Every undrafted player signs a non-guaranteed three-year deal and works to make it into something more.

And something more isn’t that far outside of the realm of possibility. An undrafted free agent can sign a new contact after his second season, per league rules. Even if that doesn’t happen, the player will likely be an unrestricted free agent no later than after his fourth NFL season — right in the player’s prime earning years.

For most rookies, the bonus money is tantamount to a comped meal at a casino. It is nothing to sniff at, but the real shot at riches is out on the floor with all the bright lights.

28 responses to “Report: Packers give undrafted guard Lane Taylor $7,000 bonus

  1. This is the mi d of story … understanding the nuances of the NFL … that Florio rode to his sell-out status. More, please.

  2. I’m glad they locked this guy up.

    Rumor has it that the Vikings were interested in making him a Wide Receiver; as he may be the only person that won’t outrun Ponder’s lame duck passes.

  3. Thanks to the Packer tradition, some small measure of financial transparency still exists.

  4. umm…. vikings, bears, lions all suck.

    there’s seriously nothing I can … like, there’s no ammo from this article…

    Good luck to undrafted players, I guess?

  5. Good! Someone who is going to play the game for the love of the sport and not the money! LOL Ummmm yeah right! 7k now and if he ends up half decent he’ll want millions! Oh well at least he’s going to have to work for it like everyone else in the NFL should have to do!

  6. I won’t rip on the Packers for being cheap but if you want to protect what you say is the best qb in football, why go with undrafted players in your area of greatest need? It makes no sense.

  7. Typical viking fans commenting on another Packer article. The whining continues… how come we dont get as much attention? Please someone notice us.

  8. “But, but, the vikings beat the packers in week 17. We’re just as good as they are”. Lol keep talking morons. You had to play a perfect game just to beat the packers. Truth be told, you have an aging defense, a horrible QB, and a great running back who deserves better than what he’s been surrounded with. It reminds me of Barry Sanders. Great player who never got a ring because he was surrounded by chumps.

  9. I laugh at all the morons who think Adrian Peterson never had a chance for a ring. He did — he fumbled it away. If Adrian never gets a ring, its not the just supporting cast he had.

    BTW – the Vikings aren’t as good as the Packers, but they are capable of beating them. According the opinion of Packer fans about the Vikings, that must make the Packers a potentially really poor team.

    Think it was a fluke? OK — but we also beat the 49ers who hammered the Packers not once but twice last year. Or does that game not count either?

  10. Why do you Packer fans have to turn every non-story into a he said, she said argument about the Vikings and Packers? Your comments never have anything to do with the actual article itself, or the present state of each team for that matter. Move on with your life.

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