Saban chafes at comparison to Satan

Yes, Nick Saban hasn’t worked in the NFL since the conclusion of the 2006 season.  You know, not long after he insisted he wouldn’t be the coach of the school where he has been the coach for six years and counting.

When Saban coached the Dolphins (2005-06), he employed Will Muschamp and Tim Davis.  Davis now works for Muschamp at the University of Florida.  And Davis stirred things up a bit by comparing the Grand Poobah of Tuscaloosa to the Lord of Darkness.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Will,” Davis said at a recent Florida booster club meeting in Melbourne, Florida.  “Will’s got a plan.  Will coached under the devil himself for seven years.  I only did three.  He did seven.  And his DNA is not any different than Nick.”

In context, the statement really isn’t that bad.  Saban has become the sworn enemy of every fan of every SEC team not nicknamed the Crimson Tide.  To them, he is the devil.

Making the comments even less troubling is the fact that Davis said his current boss has the same “DNA” as the devil.  Which means that Muschamp is the devil, too.  Or at least close kin.  Like Jay Mariotti.

But that isn’t stopping Saban from being upset by the comparison — or at least faking it.

It really is a little terribly disappointing,” Saban said, via  “I try to do right by the people that work for me.  It’s a tough, demanding job.  And at the same time, if anybody had an issue or problem with me, I would want them to just tell me.”

Sure.  “Just tell me.”  And then he’d just tell them that, if they have an issue or problem, they should just get the hell out.

Saban has admitted in the past to making a “mistake” by hiring Muschamp to serve as an NFL defensive coordinator despite having no NFL experience.  Here’s hoping Davis doesn’t go wobbly in the knees and claim his comments about Saban were a “mistake,” too.

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  1. Try to do right by people?

    Ask the guys who he coached in Miami how they felt about being “done right”……

    Just reaffirms that winning cures all.

  2. Satan? That’s a little strong, but ask the people of Toledo, or Michigan Stated, or Cleveland, or Miami, or LSU………and you might hear the same thing……

  3. dolphin fan since they were minnows, thought he was Devil when he left, but u have to give the Devil his due, top of the line Recruiter& Head Coach would love to have my Grandson play foe him

  4. I’ve thought of him as Satan ever since he exulted when Lavernues Coles was lying on the field, twitching after a devasting hit from a Miami linebacker. Coles had already had several concussions, and this one sent him to the hospital again. I hope there’s a nice hot reception for Saban down below.

  5. Life long Dolphin Fan and long time Alabama fan. Loved it when the Dolphins hired him, loved it even more when he left. Nick has found his place (it sure ain’t the NFL). I think the guy is a great college coach. However, I wouldn’t walk across the street to shake his hand. Too bad he is so “football smart” but possesses absolutely no social skills. He’s like a mad scientist.

  6. That picture is probably the best one you guys have put up yet. Couldn’t stop laughing at that one. DEVILLLLSSSS!!!

  7. Of course they’re gonna make that comparision if he kees painting his face up like that.

  8. Way back when Saban coached defensive backs in the NFL, his charges were reported to have called him Nick Satan.

    Can’t stand the guy, he comes off as so phony among other things. Great college coach though. People who are great at their jobs aren’t always well loved.

  9. This is nothing new. I lived in Miami during the years that Saban coached there, and the local newspapers reported that the people in the building used to refer to him as “Nick Satan” behind his back. Of the many incidents leading to this nickname, there are two that I can remember.

    Once he fired an assistant for filling his office cabinet with the wrong variety of little debbie snack cake.

    Another time a secretary complimented him on his haircut. He said nothing to her, but informed her immediate supervisor to instruct her not to speak to the head coach unless spoken to.

    type these incidents into a search engine and you’ll see that they’re true. So yes, “Nick Satan” is appropriate.

  10. So Saban can be called the devil but God forbid there be a team named the Redskins

  11. I’ll never forget the story of Saban stepping over a convulsing on the floor Jeno James on his way to his office! Love/hate /admire/loathe the Dolphins, only evil ignores a human in such need. Yea yea yea, he’s a great COLLEGE coach, he ran like the coward he is when he couldn’t be king of the NFL. But then again, like Clint Eastwood said, ” A man needs to know his limitations”

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