Eagles move on from Maysonet


Regarded as this year’s possible small-school sleeper, running back Miguel Maysonet won’t end up being a steal for the Eagles.

We’ve confirmed that the Eagles will waive Maysonet, a standout at Stony Brook who signed with Philly as an undrafted free agent.

The move has sparked speculation of a possible disconnect between coach Chip Kelly and G.M. Howie Roseman, given that it’s believed Maysonet received a five-figure signing bonus to pick the Eagles.  While arguably premature, there’s even more reason to keep an eye on how the Kelly-Roseman relationship unfolds.

The move also underscores the importance of offseason workouts.  Despite reduced physicality and intensity under the 2011 CBA, the things a player does or doesn’t do in the early days of OTAs can prompt a coach to pull the plug on a player who presumed he’d at least get a chance to prove himself during training camp and the preseason.

For Maysonet, if it happens, it’ll happen somewhere else.

20 responses to “Eagles move on from Maysonet

  1. The head coach gets the final call but maybe the Eagles found out something about this guy that they didn’t know earlier. Since no team drafted him he was a longshot to make the team anyway.

    The Eagles have many problems but running back shouldn’t be one of them.

  2. Well if he cant play at an NFL level,
    the DEADSKINS will surely want to sign him.

  3. This is either a huge rift between Roseman/Kelly…or they didn’t realize they were going to be able to sign Felix Jones and now they dropped their 6th RB.

    Which seems more obvious???

  4. What I am seeing over the last couple of weeks is that Chip Kelly is acting like a head coach.

    If he doesn’t want to waste time on undrafted players, they are gone.

    And, if Vick can’t stop fumbling, then two other guys are ready.

    But, if Chip Kelly doesn’t get a decent offensive line to execute his gameplan, he will be gone in two years.

  5. Talk about fishing for a story. An undrafted rookie is cut and you jump into a coach/GM feud? Wow

  6. Very interesting. Especially since one of the hosts on the NFL Network on Sirius was pimping the hell out of this guy late this week.

    There has to be a story here…


  7. Head right up I95 to the NY GIANTS my friend. They will turn you into a solid NFL back and you will have 2 chances every year to stick it to the pathetic Eagles.

  8. The kid drew an unusually high price tag for a udfa bc there’s enough talent there to draw interest.

    He chose Philly bc he thought Kelly’s offense would be best suited to his speed.

    He was released bc Kelly could see that it wasn’t going to work out.

    If anything, his swift release suggests that Kelly and Roseman are on the same page.

  9. $10,000 that’s less than you made on this blog. Why would that cause a disconnect ?

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