Pick the topic for Monday’s PFT on NBCSN


And we’re back.

It’s been 10 days, but we’re back at 5:00 p.m. ET with another edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.  Which means that we need your input for the final topic of the show.

Make your selection below, and then join us for the program.  I hope I remember where the studio is.

4 responses to “Pick the topic for Monday’s PFT on NBCSN

  1. Be sure to bring a dart board while speculating on the “long term” health of Gronk .

  2. I’d rather see a show on rule changes to make the game better- and more like football. Things like:

    Why is it when a defensive lineman jumps off-sides, the offensive gets a free-play and a chance at a risk-free hail mary… but when an offensive linemen jumps offsides the play is whistled dead. Same minor penalty, two completely different potential outcomes.

    Or why is it that for all the rule changes over the past 20 years that have “made the game safer” there has been no appreciable reduction in injuries?

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