ProFootballTalk: Odds makers like the Broncos, Patriots and 49ers

According to the odds makers in Vegas, the 49ers, Broncos and Patriots are going to be the three best teams in 2013. Mike Florio is a little skeptical of the Patriots in the group. He thinks they will roll over their divisional competition, but may have some problems in the ten games outside of the division.

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Odds makers like the Broncos, Patriots and 49ers

  1. What? No Seattle in top 3? I agree with Florio. I am also skeptical of the Patriots. One of the big questions I have have with them is the age of Brady. Time catches up with everyone as does the mileage. And if he were to go down, is their back up ready to step up? As for the Seattle vs. San Fran who is best, these teams are so close that at this point, barring a sudden rash of injuries to one of the teams, I don’t think we can logically pick one over the other until the real games begin. Once again, I think (and I am a huge Hawk fan) this race will come down to the wire at the end of the season.

  2. How can you be worried about Brady’s age and not Payton’s??? Clue – Peyton is older of the two, and talk about milage!

    Go ahead and doubt the Patriots everyone. Just like every year.

  3. patriotenvy–In case you haven’t noticed, your team has been the media favorite for each of the last eight years and come up empty. I haven’t seen a streak like this since the Raiders of the late 60s-early 70s.

    If I get to Vegas next month, I’m betting on the field vs. the Pats.

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