Greg Schiano likes where Adrian Clayborn is right now


Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn’s second NFL season didn’t go the way he would have liked as a torn ACL ended his year after just three games.

Clayborn used his time away from the field to concentrate on both rehabbing his knee and adding muscle to his upper body, something that has earned him praise from coach Greg Schiano. Schiano said that Clayborn looks like a different person as a result of his work and that his work “is really going to pay benefits” when he gets back on the field. Clayborn’s knee is sound enough to get clearance for all activities, but Schiano said that the team will be taking it slowly with the defensive end this spring.

“Adrian is doing well in his recovery,” Schiano said, via the team’s website. “We are going to keep him out of team periods right now, just for safety. Could he do it? Yeah, he could do it but there’s no reason to right now. Maybe as we get into June, we’ll give him some, when I visit with [Head Trainer] Todd [Toriscelli] on some on that. I like where he is and what he’s doing.”

With Michael Bennett in Seattle and no surefire improvements to the pass rush made in free agency or the draft, the Bucs are relying on Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers to provide the lion’s share of pressure on the quarterback this season. That makes a cautious approach now all the more sensible as a limited schedule in May is far easier to swallow than a limited one in September.

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  1. He better hope he is right–him and dominik both–for banking on these two injury proned guys to stay healthy and live up to their potential as well. As a fan, I hope they do too; but I have some reservations about this. I think the DL definitely gets addressed next year. When depends on Freeman. I really think if he doesn’t progress and cement himself as a franchise QB then they go QB first and then DL.

    I don’t think they seriously believe Glennon is the long-time answer at QB either. I think it is a ploy/push to try and get Freeman to be better, which could also backfire IMO. If Freeman does stink though, I’m torn on whether Tampa should go QB in the next draft with such a better talent pool or just address defense and let Glennon have a year or two to try his hand, and then go QB if he proves to be a bust–like many think he will.

  2. Clayborn was playing very well prior to the injury so he should be a threat upon his return. With he and Bowers hopefully having a healthy season there is no telling how good this unit can be. With McCoy in the middle and Spence hungry I think we are better @ DL than some think but definitely need to be tested. The pass rush was absent last season so we’ll see. As for Freeman I think Tampa has to cut him some slack. After all he survived the Raheem Morris experiment and that would’ve deep-sixed a lot of young QBs. With a balanced team I think he has every chance to exceed expectations.

  3. Well put pb420. To add to what you said, the secondary was so bad last year it made the pass rush look even worse. Receivers were getting open almost immediately and the QB’s were getting the ball out in a hurry making the pass push almost moot. Longer and tighter coverage on receivers should help the d-line just as a strong pass rush helps a secondary.

  4. I don’t think Mark is banking on these two to do anything out of the ordinary, he was just doing what any good business man would do and play the trends of the market.
    Michael Bennett is hurt, we all know he knew that and wasn’t going to give him more than what he offered. Who else did you expect the Bucs to go out and get, Banks was a better option than any pass rusher where they were drafting and there’s no point in wasting 5-7 million on aged veterans like Dwight. He knew that the market was down in the area, saved his chips for the next season when these are the premier pass rushers in:
    Jarred Allen, Justin Tuck, and even an o.k Michael Johnson

    Don’t forget the Bucs were the other team involved in the Jarred Allen sweepstakes way back when the Chiefs were dangling him out in the market.

  5. AC is not injury prone, but I´m afraid about Bowers too. As said by pb420, when healthy, at least AC + B are very good DE´s. DT will be interesting to watch. GoBucs!

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