Brandon Weeden heads to Oklahoma to help tornado recovery


Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden grew up in Oklahoma, went to college in Oklahoma and he’ll be returning to the state this week to do anything he can to help the community of Moore dig out from under the damage caused by a tornado earlier this week.

“I’ll do anything, whether it’s getting in the rubble and doing whatever, it doesn’t matter,” Weeden said, via the Associated Press. “I’ll be there to help.”

Weeden has been communicating with Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb and will spend Memorial Day weekend in Moore, where his wife Melanie grew up. Melanie’s mother and brother still live there and suffered damage to their houses, but they escaped without any physical injury.

Browns wide receiver Josh Cooper is also an Oklahoma native and his father works in Moore. His father is fine and Cooper, who also plans to pay a visit to his home state in the near future, says that the whole community will recover in the long run.

“Everybody is kind of helping everybody,” Cooper said. “We’ll be fine. We get through things like this all the time. Oklahoma strong, you know?”

We’ll be rooting for just that.

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  1. “I’ll do anything, whether it’s getting in the rubble and doing whatever, it doesn’t matter,” Weeden said, via the Associated Press. “I’ll be there to help.”

    Weeden is a team player and a stand up guy, thanks Brandon!

  2. This is good for the human spirit. We are all of the same race, and the only one that matters – the human race. We need to all focus on the similarities more (wich are extensive) and less on the differences less (which are minimal) and help each other.

    Sadly, events like this people typically help themselves. Fewer than 5% of the money collected for Haiti actually made it to Haiti. If you want to help people in Oklahoma or whereever, I’d say check telephone listings and call people direct and offer to send money or offer your help personally b/c it seems these charities can’t be trusted.

  3. I say we Clevelanders should take this opportunity to stand up for Brandon Weeden, his wife and Josh Cooper and all the people who need help right now.

    Perhaps Brandon can set up a fund, and we can contribute to that. I would – and if that isn’t an option, I’ll find a place to contribute.

    We’re with you!

  4. Great to read this article and kudos to Weeden for helping out.

    One thing that would be really good to do would be if some of the athletes could put some money together to help pay for storm shelters in schools that don’t have them. There’s no way that any school in a place that has been hit with four killer tornadoes in fifteen years should not have every school equipped with a place for the kids to be safe when the next one hits.

  5. Here in Los angeles my son’s school set up a relief effort by collecting whatever we could to help. One of the parents grew up in Moore and will help drive a truck with the donated stuff. He’s actually in contact with Weeden and the publicity Weeden brings can only help.

  6. Weeden going to OKC to help makes for good PR but it would probably be better if he just made a cash donation to the Red Cross and stayed home and studied Norm Turner’s new Browns playbook in order for him to be able to keep his day job which is kinda shaky right now.

  7. Where was Oklahoma when Sandy hit? Oh ya, voting against relief to make a political point.

  8. Props to Weeden and Cooper, and apparently props to the Browns coaches and organization for not coming up with reasons to not go.

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